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[Assume this was written after the snow thread, please. I can happily edit this if anyone else would like to participate.]

Ah... Before I forget: Nall, X. Thank you. I had a good time. Perhaps we can enjoy the weather again sometime.

Well then. Another one of those Earth holidays appears to be coming up soon. Nothing incredibly strange has happened for some time, which leads me to believe that it just might. I could be wrong, however. I hope I am wrong...

At first everything seemed to roughly follow a pattern in regards to "events" and regaining memories, but recently this hasn't been the case. I've also noticed that I've been remembering things at a considerably faster rate than I was months ago. I wonder how much longer...

Regardless, I still have far more questions than I do answers, so I would assume that I haven't made as much progress as I would like to think. Though, I suppose, one can hardly call it "progress" when it requires no effort on our part.

[Filtered from Ari.]

The more I think about it, the less sense any of this makes. What could anyone be gaining by taking memories away from other individuals? Whatever the reason, I can't imagine that the results are turning out to be particularly favorable.

I also have to wonder if the shopkeepers might provide some sort of clue. Getting them to speak, however, might prove easier said than done. They are cats after all.

Instructor Cantabile...

I doubt that I would have made it this far without her recommendation. To be honest, I wouldn't have granted the request if I had been in her position. I was headstrong at 14 and only had one person on my mind, even after learning the truth. Everything always fell back on Van, and deep down, despite what I said, maybe I was hoping all along that I could convince him to stop.

It seems impossible, but I still loved him, even knowing he was doing something horrible. Maybe that's why I was so determined, and why I grew reckless whenever he was involved. As a result of my carelessness, I put a number of civilians - members of the Kimlascan nobility to be precise - in harm's way. That was incredibly foolish of me. Perhaps I should be grateful the hyperresonance occurred, otherwise I hate to think of how things might have ended. Sheena may have had a point, but I can't bring myself to agree. Though some good did come from it, I've also done him a considerable disservice. There has to be some other way to get home.

[OOC: Let's get this chick caught up with remembering stuff that actually happened DURING the game. 2% on all remaining backstory (Major Cantabile, more of Van and his crazy visions of grandeur). 1% on actually breaking into the Fabre mansion. 3% remaining. 27% total.]
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