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Mar. 1st, 2010 11:22 am
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Thought I might be needing this copy-pasta in the not-so distant future.

[OOC: Strike-out indicates artes and hymns that haven't been remembered. I won't bother with AD Skills and Overlimit and stuff like that, but I'll note when she remembers how to use them.]

Base Artes
Pow Hammer (FOF: Frozen Hammer)
- "Pow Hammer!"
- "O toy of hardest ice! Frozen Hammer!"

Nocturnal Light (FOF: Inlay Nocturne)
- "Nocturnal Light!"
- "Shatter! Inlay Nocturne!"

Arcane Artes
Severed Fate (FOF: Fatal Circle)
- "Severed Fate!"
- "The power to conquer demons! Fatal Circle!"

Banishing Sorrow (FOF: Searing Sorrow)
- "Banishing Sorrow!"
- "Burn to ashes! Searing Sorrow!"

Novice Fonic Artes
First Aid (FOF: Meditation)
- "O healing power... First Aid!"
- "O purest water of life... Meditation!"

Invoke Ground
Invoke Aqua
Invoke Flame
Invoke Gale

Charge (FOF: Tribute)
- "Impart thy power! Charge!"
- "Grant unto all! Tribute!"

Mid Fonic Artes
Healing Circle (FOF: Fairy Circle)
- "Come forth O illumination of life! Healing Circle!"
- "O spirits who dance upon the wind, grace us with your purifying melody! Fairy Circle!"

Eclair de Larmes (FOF: Flamme Rouge)
- "Thou who wouldst take revenge, carve here thy holy seal. Eclair de Larmes!"
- "O seal of fire, strike down my enemy. Flamme Rouge!"

Enhance Cast (FOF: Witchcraft)
- "Aid the power to recite! Enhance Cast!"
- "May their words be fleet and mighty! Witchcraft!"

High Fonic Artes
Resurrection (FOF: Regenerate)
- "Return this soul from the abyss of death. Resurrection!"
- "Guide these poor souls that they may rise anew. Regenerate!"

Holy Lance (FOF: Cluster Raid)
- "O divine spear, run my enemy through! Holy Lance!"
- "Rain down O crystals of light! Cluster Raid!"

Fonic Hymns
Nightmare [First Fonon: Darkness/Shadow]
- "O melody beckoning toward the abyss..."
- ♪♫ Twei Rei Tsuae Croix Ryo Twei Tsuae

Force Field [Second Fonon: Earth/Gnome]
- "O tune of unyielding protection..."
- ♪♫ Croix Ryo Tsuae Twei Ryo Rei Nevu Ryo Tsuae

Holy Song [Third Fonon: Wind/Sylph]
- "O magnificent song of angels..."
- ♪♫ Va Rei Zaei Twei Nevu Tsuae Ryo Tsuae Croix

Revitalize [Fourth Fonon: Water/Undine]
- "O healing melody of divine mercy..."
- ♪♫ Ryo Rei Croix Ryo Tsuae Rei Va Tsuae Rei

Judgment [Fifth Fonon: Fire/Efreet]
- "O violent strains that render demons to ashes..."
- ♪♫ Va Nevu Va Rei Va Nevu Va Tsuae Rei

Grand Cross [Sixth Fonon: Light/Rem]
- "O celestial choir, the light of redemption..."
- ♪♫ Croix Ryo Croix Nevu Tsuae Rei Croix Ryo Tsuae Rei Va

(Seventh Hymn) [Seventh Fonon: Sound/Lorelei]
- ♪♫ Rei Va Nevu Croix Twei Rei Rei

Mystic Artes
Innocent Shine
- "O wind undefiled, embrace those who would be our enemies and purify all! Innocent Shine!"

Fortune's Arc (+ Extension)
- "O light that rains down on heaven and earth, bring my enemies to their destined annihilation! Fortune's Arc! And grant us the divine protection of thine brilliance!"


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