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...perhaps I should catch up on my reading. I don't know a great deal about gatherings like this.

In summary: Akzeriuth was built above one of the Sephiroth Trees which extend from the planet's vital points - the Sephiroth. The Sephiroths' power is controlled and channeled by devices called passage rings that together create the dividing line the Outer Lands rest on.

Apparently we visited another of these Sephiroth, located at Shurrey Hill. I don't know how we were able to evacuate St. Binah, but we had somehow relocated a fair number of townspeople to Yulia City beforehand.

Grandfather confirmed that we might be able to utilize the passage rings and use them to slowly lower the Outer Lands, thus preventing locations like St. Binah (which, from what I understand, had already fallen into the Qliphoth) from sinking into the mantle. Grandfather had also mentioned a fonic weapon, the Key of Lorelei, that was cast into the core thousands of years ago - its existence is questionable at best, and in any case it would be nearly impossible to obtain. It may not be worth much to consider options with so few solid facts to work with, but I think I'm beginning to understand more clearly why both Lorelei and Yulia are so important to the world.

When we arrived at the Sephiroth, the Daathic seal had already been broken by the Fon Master, but there was a Yulian seal still in place. After some investigation we managed to remove the seal. The passage ring remained inoperable.

That's when Princess Natalia told me to stand closer to the fonstone in the center of the room. It's difficult to explain what the resulting process felt like; I assume it must have consumed a fair quantity of seventh fonons, and yet it lasted for only a few seconds. The only aftereffects were mild dizziness and loss of energy, but these are common symptoms of any variety of overuse of fonic artes. The passage ring started up following this - I'm still not sure how.

Van had programmed instructions into the passage ring already - by closing a valve, he made it impossible to revive the Sephiroth Tree. This would have proved a serious problem, rendering the passage ring unusable, however, under the Colonel's direction, Luke used his hyperresonance to erase sections of the passage ring's code. While this should slow St. Binah's decent, the Sephiroth itself supports a larger area than we had first believed, which means that another city (they called it "Engeve") is at risk.

["Trust us"? Tear thinks not, but she isn't taking any chances. She slipped the note into her pocket, took it off to an out-of-the-way place near the shrine, tacked it into the grass with one of her knives, and set about destroying it with a fonic arte.]

That should be sufficient.

[Returns to her self-imposed shrine chores, since there's no one else around to do it, plus her garden needs weeding.]

((2% from event on Shurrey Hill and the preceding conversation with Teodoro = lots and lots of technobabble. 1% remaining, 33% total used.))


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