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[Tear cautiously steps into the room and is immediately amazed. Tables and chairs have been pushed into corners to create a spacious dance floor, and the dimmed lights reflect off streamers and other decorations; it's truly beautiful.]

[Unfortunately, this does little for her nerves. The girls may have insisted that she come, but looking down at herself and the pastel blue dress they had assured would look nice on her, Tear can't help but feel immensely self-conscious.]

[It takes a moment, but Tear finally notices she has company. Fighting to hide her discomfort, she offers a polite smile.]
Oh- Good evening. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was still standing in the doorway.


[A loud clashing can be heard as Tear's staff comes into contact with the rock face of a golem. This isn't working as well as she would like, and she's forced to withdraw the weapon and retreat back a few paces. The melodist can now understand the importance of heeding the warnings. Taking down the monsters who live beyond the city limits will be no easy task, especially for someone possessing only the most basic combat knowledge. Even if that knowledge had been more extensive at one point, it's doing her little good now.]

It's not sustaining enough damage from physical attacks, and it doesn't seem to be leaving. We'll have to try something else!
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