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[Private; unhackable; cut for length/canon recap/spoilers.] )

It's been rather quiet since the new year started. I suppose that's not so surprising, given the temperature.

I've been reading again and had a question: Is snow commonplace in other worlds, and, if so, how is it handled? What I mean is: do people participate in activities and games when there's snow, or do they merely clear it out of the streets and move on?

Suffice it to say, in my hometown, we don't have snow. Although we do have lightning.

[OOC: Major tl;dr, I know. I was bored at work again. 1% on the "hair divorce" as some people like to call it. 3% remaining, 24% total used.]
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If I'm needed for any reason after normal work hours, I'll be in my room.
The weather isn't very practical for training in any case.

[Private; unhackable.]

It would seem that in the end, my resolve to stop Van wasn't enough.

I couldn't save Akzeriuth.

[[OOC: 1% on arriving in Akzeriuth, finding out the Fonstone was a trap, and Asch subsequently rescuing her, 1% on Akzeriuth's collapse and that she used a fonic hymn to save the party, 1% on said hymn (Force Field), 1% on everyone taking the Tartarus to Yulia City and witnessing the Asch vs Luke battle there. In her universe Asch wins. 4% spent, 4% remaining, 23% total.

Suffice it to say thousands of people died and Tear feels she's partly to blame, although she'll be keeping up a fairly normal outward appearance. Sorry for all the first quarter game spoilers.]]
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It's... ironic that I should happen to remember something about the knives I carry.

[Private; hackable.]
For a long time I had wanted to attend the Oracle Knights training school in Daath, but neither Grandfather nor Van would hear anything of it. Instead, they hired a private tutor to teach me what I would need to know about fighting.

I was incredibly ungrateful at the time. My attitude towards Major Legretta and my lessons was completely disgraceful. However, there was an incident. Someone had used a knife issued by the Order of Lorelei to slaughter a neighbor's rappigs. Since no one could be found who used throwing knives except for myself, Grandfather told me to apologize in their place even though I wasn't responsible for what happened.

It was Major Legretta who stood up for me. She said that I shouldn't have to apologize for something that I had no blame in and proceeded to trace and capture the true culprit. Even though Major Legretta insisted that she didn't do so for my sake, she had gained my admiration. I felt ashamed for my earlier actions and decided that I would devote myself to my training.

[Private; unhackable. )

((OOC: Sorry for the Tear spam. And I need to write up another Meer entry, too, but Tear hasn't remembered anything in a while, so there you go. 1% spent on her first meeting(s) with Legretta, her instructor, 1% spent on the battle with her at Deo Pass en route to Akzeriuth; 19% total spent, 5% remaining.))
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I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone. So, "thank you". I truly appreciate the kindnesses that have been extended to me since my arrival earlier this year.

But that aside, it must have become quite obvious...

[Tear got so much cute stuff for Christmas. She appreciates it, really! But her self-image might be suffering just a little bit right now. ^^; (Old habits die hard.) Also she's never gotten so many gifts from people before. Ever. Culture shock? Very much, yes.]

[Private; Unhackable.]

Fay, Raven, Mokona, and so many others.

I was told that it was foolish to cut myself off from everyone else, and I see now that that would have been a stupid thing to do. Even still, it's hard to accept that I may never see these individuals again. It's entirely possible that when I leave this place, I won't even remember them at all, or anything else that happened while I was here, for that matter.

It's thoughts like these that lead me to understand Van just a little. There were people on Auldrant who clung to the Score and relied on it to do even the most mundane things. They never thought for themselves, but instead allowed others to decide how they should live their lives.

But shouldn't people be allowed to make their own choices?

Even if "Memento" and "Eden" think that they're doing everyone some sort of favor, so many things have been stripped from us. We never decided that.

It's unfortunate that I wasn't able to share this holiday with all of you, but what I regret the most is not being able to say "goodbye".
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[Music can be heard echoing softly against the church's walls and ceiling. The piano in the corner has been dusted and polished. It's currently occupied. Tear's sitting there, her hands moving carefully across the keys and her eyes fixed in concentration at the hymnal propped open in front of her. She's only been practicing with the piano for a few months when she has free time, so the manner in which she's playing is by no means complex. Rather, it's very simple, but at least the notes are right. The words come just as soft, and perhaps a little sad. The actual meaning, something from a religion completely foreign to her, having evaded her understanding, but the feeling is there.]

O little town of Bethlehem,
How still we see thee lie
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
The silent stars go by.
Yet in thy dark streets shineth
The everlasting Light;
The hopes and fears of all the years
Are met in thee tonight.
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[Tear really should be attending school or something with all the reading she does. The cut is not necessarily meant to be a public announcement, but is completely readable; her journal just happens to be the most convenient place to copy all of this down. The entry is followed by a few rough copies of sheet music, sans lyrics, for two hymns and a more generic Christmas carol.]

Cut for Tear's self-research, which both muse and mun gave up on because there's just too darn much going on this time of year to list it all. )

I found him on the church roof. I'm not sure how he got stuck up there, but it must have gotten too cold for him to fly anymore. I apologize for any disturbance I may have caused, as the only way to get him down seemed to involve climbing up to the roof myself. He seems to be fine, though.

((OOC: Solution - Combine the two entries.))
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I trust that everyone managed to successfully pull through last week's event? I'm sure that you all have taken note of the room changes already, but I'd like to reiterate that I am now in Room 208 and not Room 308. I wouldn't wish for anyone to bother Miss Yomiko needlessly.

In addition, it would seem that some items may have been misplaced during the apartment shuffling. If anyone happens across a small yellow songbird, could you please inform me? I'd appreciate it.
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All previous entries regard this journal's stay at [ profile] permanent_way. If you're a part of PermaWay, please de-friend this journal as it may be reused in the future.
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If there is anyone who still requires assistance, do not hesitate to ask one of us. I have helped to start a number of controlled fires in the general vicinity. These should aid in generating warm air and providing areas for cooking food or boiling water. They may also serve to deter some of the wild animals. Please use standard fire precautions and keep a bucket of water nearby at all times just in case the flames should become too difficult to handle. If anyone sustains injury and there is not an island healer immediately on hand, you are welcome to come to me and I'll do what I can. That's all.
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[Tear was up at the crack of dawn as per usual, walking off some lingering traces of sleep, getting a feel for whether or not anything was amiss out of doors, and proceeding to hike a little ways off the path to do her ritual morning training. It wasn't particularly necessary, but it was the norm for her, and something familiar. It made sense. And she certainly wasn't going to complain that she had remembered artes in the process. It was almost ridiculous how something so simple as running through her most basic artes could fill her with relief. She yanked one of her knives out of the trunk of a large cedar tree and checked along its edge for any nicks or scratches.]

Well, this might be a small improvement at the very least.

((OOC: I actually had a nice plotty entry written up, but we'll save it for another time. 1% on her base and arcane artes - Pow Hammer, Nocturnal Light, Severed Fate (hey, look, her username!), and Banishing Sorrow. She can also use FOFs, if FOFs are possible here. 17% used, 1% remaining.))
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They say that married couples tend to start acting alike after they have been together for several years and can even finish one another's sentences. Therefore, what does it mean when two people are nearly perfectly matched prior to a formal wedding?

[Sigh.] I fear for the future of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, I really do. They're just children, no matter how you approach the situation...

[Private; unhackable.]
I'm relieved that Luke's mother wasn't stricken with illness too badly as a result of her son's disappearance. Still, I feel somewhat responsible for causing her to worry needlessly. I should have been more careful, and must continue to be so.

Perhaps I was foolish for trying to explain things. I suppose anyone would feel the urge to speak up about what they've learned in a setting like this. The very process of remembering is vexing. Many times I lack context or any sense of chronological order; I can't be sure when these events occurred or if they even hold true at the present time. For now, I suppose I have no option but to wait. Raven was right - my current approach to returning to Auldrant certainly won't benefit anyone.

In any case, I wonder if peace is truly an option between two countries that have been at war for so long.

((OOC: 1% on being arrested taken aboard the Tartarus and lots of dialogue thereafter; 1% on meeting Natalia... that whole lovely scene where Tear gets called a "servant girl" and suffers through a few other insults from various people. Let's just say it didn't go very well. But hey, at least Suzanne was nice. 16% total. 2% left from Halloween.))
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I wonder if that's why I took to waitressing so easily. At the time, I didn't think much of it, but it seemed almost natural, as if I had held a similar job once before.

The customers would often watch me... Does a servant possess the air of a servant? I guess I am rather plain, now that I think of it.

[Private; moderately hackable except for strike-throughs.]
In any case, it would explain a few things. Why else would I remember the layout of Baticul Castle so well? The soaring ceilings of the throne room and entryway... There was a library with a large globe and a stairway leading to the upper shelves of a large bookcase; the walls were lined with family portraits. The princess's room had soft couches, and a silver tea service. There was a teddy bear, too. It was incredibly fancy and expensive-looking... I recall that there was an occasion where one of the maids lost the king's seal. I went looking for it, and a cute cat brought it to me in the library.

...There must be a reasonable explanation.

Even taking all of that into account, I can't imagine why I... even after what happened...

Anyway. I apologize if there's anyone who misses me at Cafe Demois. I recently applied to be one of the town's patrolmen. If something's troubling you, or you witness anything suspicious, please inform one of us. We're here to help, after all.

((OOC: Tear remembers the Proud Maid sidequest and as a result has come to the conclusion that she was actually employed as one of the castle maids. Ouch. Sure the outfit's lovely, and she knows her way around Baticul Castle well enough, but... she didn't ask for this. Last 1% from Oktoberfest spent on the Proud Maid sidequest. If anyone can see game stats, it's her current title. 14% total, 3% remaining from Halloween.))
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[Tear is summarizing what she has discovered via the library about this peculiar Earth holiday. It is likely that she researched Christmas while she was at it. I wiki'd all this.]

"All Hallows' Eve", more popularly known as "Halloween", is a holiday observed predominantly in the Western world on the planet called Earth. It was derived from the Old Irish festival at summer's end, "Samhain", which celebrated the close to the lighter half of the year and the beginning of the darker half.

The ancient Celts believed that on this day, the border between the "Otherworld" and the world of the living became incredibly thin, allowing both passive and violent spirits to travel back and forth between them. The wearing of costumes was said to disguise humans in an attempt to trick the evil spirits into leaving them unharmed. Family spirits were also honored by lighting candles.

The holiday is becoming increasingly secular and commercialized, even though it is believed to have religious origins. It is widely celebrated on October thirty-first, where children dress up in costumes and go from door-to-door uttering the words "Trick or Treat". Children are then either given candy, other food items, or currency, or they can be shooed away in which case they will perform a harmless prank on the home owners. Halloween traditions include burning bonfires, bobbing for apples, haunted houses, costume parties, divination, the telling of... ghost stories, and the aforementioned trick-or-treating. Popular foods include candied apples, candy corn, and a wide variety of manufactured sweets and chocolates.

Symbols such as the jack-o-lantern (a pumpkin or other vegetable with a face carved into it), witches, vampires, werewolves, black cats, scarecrows, and ghosts are common.

...the spirits of the departed is one matter, but...

... ...Ghosts?

I-It's a good thing the island isn't haunted...! There are no ghosts here, so there's no need for me to worry! Right. No ghosts. None. Absolutely not!

...W-well! That's the gist of it. There have been a large number of children hurrying about in costume recently. Perhaps I should try cooking something again, otherwise I have a feeling I'll run out of food to offer them. And besides, that the "island" left us with those bags, no matter how harmless the sweets appear, it still makes me the slightest bit suspicious.

((OOC: I advise you not to spook her. Just warning you.))
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Wh-why do I keep getting forced into strange costumes? This is getting ridiculous...

[Tear takes a few steps down the pathway towards the library and no, her face isn't pink, before something rolls out from under her long denim skirt. She pauses to pick it up and inspect it, shedding a pair of glasses as she does so.]

...a plastic apple? I can see how the sweets might be used to accent Olette's pastries, but this...

[An awkward mish-mash of being both caring and stern, forgiving and unwavering; a costume possessing the normalcy of a teacher (we liked this art off pixiv; idk it looked teachery) seemed the logical choice (or babysitter, or big sister...). It's about 90% more modest than her usual attire, too. Feel free to assume it's a soft pink color as opposed to green, because pink is much cuter. Honestly, I had more flashy ideas, but something plain seemed to fit her personality better.]


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