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Name:Tear Grants
Birthdate:Jan 1

I am a constant satellite of your blazing sun.
This is a journal for the character Tear Grants of Tales of the Abyss fame, formerly of [info]memento_eden. She is played by [info]cherryfox.
We're coming closer now to the truth.
Name: Tear Grants (Mystearica Aura Fende)
Age: ~19 (Game Start: 16)
Height: 5' 4" / 162 cm
Weight: 110 lbs / 50 kg
Rank: Melodist
Factoid Sheet:[Go here for the quick rundown on her.]
Acknowledge the past as lessons exquisitely crafted.
Tear Grants (born as Mystearica Aura Fende) is the younger sister to Van Grants (Vandesdelca Musto Fende, Commandant of the six God-Generals), one of the few survivors of the collapse of Hod. Their mother and father died in the collapse, but Tear survived and was raised by her brother and adopted grandfather, Mayor Teodoro, in Yulia City, a city beneath the planet's surface in a place called the Qliphoth which suffers from no sunlight and a sea of toxic mist called miasma.

Tear grows up learning how to read the Score, being a descendent of Yulia, the first person to successfully read the Score and one who formed a pact with Lorelei (a sort of god that exists within the planet that is said to be the planet's "memory").

Tear begins to receive combat training from Legretta the Quick when she gets a bit older and becomes a Locrian Sergeant of the military wing of the Order of Lorelei under Grand Maestro Mohs. She accepts an assignment from Mohs to find the Seventh Fonstone in order to confront her brother about plans she had overheard him telling Legretta. She soon finds herself in the Outer Lands, in the city of Baticul in the Kimlascan Empire. Tear enters the Fabre Mansion where Van is teaching his young pupil about combat and swordsmanship. After reciting a fonic hymn to put the maids and other inhabitants to sleep, Tear challenges her brother Van whom she has discovered plans to destroy the Outer Lands. Things do not go according to plan, however, as Luke fon Fabre, Van's pupil, jumps in to save his master. Because both Tear and Luke control the seventh fonon, their abilities more or less cancel one another out - creating a reaction called a hyperresonance and teleporting them to Tataroo Valley in enemy Malkuth Territory. [ Read More...]
She carries the act so convincingly.
Tear plays it tough, and upon first meeting she can seem quite cold. Being a member of the military unit of the Order of Lorelei, Tear is well aware of the rules of survival and how sometimes tough choices must be made. She's smart, responsible, and hardly a pushover. However, at her core Tear cares a lot about people - she loves her brother and has a very difficult time coming to terms with his twisted plans to create a world full of replicas and to revive Hod, she respects her teacher and her peers, and she even develops affection for a spoiled noble whom she unintentionally drags from his sheltered life in Baticul. Despite her serious exterior, Tear has a soft spot for cute things - be they cheagles, rappigs, or a modest maid's uniform. (This is all well and good, but it's been suggested that she can get a little carried away when she's cuddling on a helpless animal, and that cats don't particularly care for her fondling.) She is very modest about her own appearance and dress, getting embarrassed easily when people make remarks about her body. She is quite a deal more sensitive than she lets on, preferring to cry in secret where no one can see her, and even this she doesn't do often. Another weakness of Tear's is that she's incredibly scared of ghosts, and even the mention of them can freak her out, although she'll try unsuccessfully to hide it (she raises her voice and is completely obvious about it).

Tear proves to be quite patient, and though she can become irritated easily enough, she practices self-control. Though her tone can get dangerous and ice-cold in these sitations, she usually doesn't lash out at other people. Tear considers the wellbeing of civillians more important than her own. She will come to others' aid when she can and has even taken a few blows for her companions. On that note, Tear's aid isn't always so kind. When Luke took an apple from a vender in Engeve without paying for it, for example, she let him get arrested so he'd learn the lesson. Even after Luke promises to change and asks Tear to watch him, she never goes beyond simply watching him. Though she will supply her opinion when asked for it, she stands back and doesn't try to stop him from doing what he has to do.

Tear's culinary skills are "pretty good", but she seems to have little pride in them. Her food has been described as "heartily rustic". In short, while it's not up to nobility standards, it's palatable and won't make anyone ill. One source said she was actually the second best cook in the game (but Anise and Guy are the best cooks), and Luke told Natalia (who's a terrible cook) in a skit to go to Tear or Anise for lessons. She goes to Tear, who seems knowledgeable, but even she can do nothing to help the princess.

As for her combat abilities, Tear is a melodist which means that she can recite fonic hymns that basically act as spells; each fonic hymn is essentially a part of the Grand Fonic Hymn. Tear controls seventh fonons (which are sound fonons, if you hadn't guessed), and her weapons are her staff and three throwing knives which are sheathed at her thighs. Her abilities range from striking at enemies with her staff or knives, to attack and healing artes, to creating fields of fonons which her party members can use to perform stronger/different artes.
In our minds at war we have so far to go.
+ character background
+ factoid sheet
+ in-game information
+ memories chart
+ fonon association
+ contact info & critique
character & art (c) namco bandai. lyrics (c) vienna teng.

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animals, cheagles, cute things, fighting, fonic hymns, legretta the quick, luke fon fabre, oracle knights, qliphoth, regret the magic bullet, staves, tales of the abyss, tear grants, travel, van grants, waitressing, yukana, yulia city
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