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Where am I? This isn't Daath, I'm certain of it. Why am I suddenly somewhere else? I was staying at the inn, I just asked Commander Cantabile to assign me under the Grand Maestro yesterday...

[Fourteen-year-old Tear is standing near the treeline, her staff close at hand. Her hair is about half its usual length and her bangs, though untidy, do not obscure her right eye as they normally do; her voice is pitched higher than usual. She's also flat-chested. Yes, she's completely flat. (Excuse the inconsistencies in some of the icons I'll be using.) Otherwise please note that she is a bit of a stubborn brat like this. ]


This won't do. I have to find a way to stop Van get back to Daath. I don't understand how I got lost, but Commander Cantabile and Major Legretta will scold me if they find out.

[She looks around, suspects she hears something, and readies one of her daggers just in case.]

...who's there? Show yourself!

A monster?

[It's one of the unfortunate bears of Memento Eden, actually. She takes a fighting stance.]


((OOC: Here we go. 1% on her training with Legretta: basic knowledge of controlling her fonons, pre-game fighting skills, and First Aid (alt. is Meditation in a water or dark FOF), 1% on the first Fonic Hymn (Nightmare), 1% on overhearing Van and Legretta's suspicious conversation and then confronting Van. This completes my 5% for this event. After the event she will forget everything regarding Grand Maestro Mohs, Cantabile, fomicry, the Score, the Seven Fonstones, Yulia, Lorelei, and any of that sort of thing. She will also not remember specifics in regards to Legretta.

Here's how Nightmare will work (if this is okay):
+ If successful, normal people (those who do not battle) and monsters/animals will be put to sleep.
+ If successful, fighters/mages/etc will have difficulty moving (I figure they will be strong enough to resist falling asleep).
+ A strong warrior can break through the spell or possibly not be affected at all, even if it's successful.
+ You all decide if it's successful or not, and for how long, since you know your characters better than I do.
+ For those where elemental attributes count, it's Dark.))
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So, at first I was really scared when I found myself in the Outer Lands, but I've made a lot of friends already! I hope Van doesn't get too mad at me. I wonder if he's really looking for me. He's busy, so maybe he hasn't even seen that I'm gone yet.

I thought perhaps maybe this was Daath, but it isn't. It's called "Memento Eden". I wonder where that is? I've never heard of it before.

Even though I love my new friends very much, only one person seemed to know who Van was. He said he was my brother's student, but he was too busy to help me or something like that. I still don't know his name, so if this is rude, I'm really sorry! His name was Sir Luke. I guess it's okay if Van doesn't come find me yet, because we're all going to work together to find a way back to our homes and beat the mean kidnappers, right? Does anyone know who the mean people are? I haven't seen anyone like that yet.

I always thought being kidnapped and being lost was a bad thing, but this is really fun! I met Rika and Mokona and Nall and lots of other people! And then I got my "sebbenth fomoms" to work again when I found a little boy in trouble! He said because I was nice and healed him that I might be an angel. I'm not sure what an angel is exactly, but they seem really wonderful! I wouldn't mind being one if I could still join the "Orickles" and be a knight like Van! ♥ Because I want to help people in trouble no matter what!! Come to think of it... Maybe the healers are angels? Maybe I should have gone to see them sooner instead of playing in the apartments.

Wuahh... there's so much I don't know about the Outer Lands...

But I really want to pick flowers to give Van when I go home, just like Rika suggested! It'd be really fun to play in the grass and sing and look at the pretty flowers. If Van was here he'd sing to me, but I don't remember how it goes... Does anyone know any songs?
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W-wuahhh!! Wh-where?? That bright ball is a sun, right? The sky is so big and clear and wonderful! There's no "meyazma" anywhere... It's all clean! And the flowers! There are big ones and small ones and there are so many colors! It hurts my eyes a little, but it is so very pretty!

S-so... this... this is the Outer Lands!! It is the Outer Lands, right? I wanted to know what it was like! This is so amazing!

But... I got here how?

Wahhh... but!! But Van told me not to go to the Outer Lands, and Grandfather did, too! I'm dead! I will be in such big trouble! If they find out they'll toss me into the "meyazma" and I will never be able to join the "Orickles"! I can't let that happen!!

And there is nobody... nobody...

[She cups her small hands around her mouth and calls out in a high-pitched child's voice.]

........Brother? Are you there?

.....Big Brother?!!!!


Where are you? It's too big!! I'm scared! I'm really scared, Van!! Big Brother?! BIG BROTHER!!! VANDESDELCA!!!

[And five-year-old Tear takes off running at full speed in a random direction. If any people are in her way she will plow right into them. Not that it would hurt very much. Moeblobs tend to be soft and harmless, and Tear is definitely both right now. She also sounds like she inhaled helium. She's soft-spoken and squeaky. Only other info I can think of mentioning is that she can use simple healing abilities, but, it would probably be by accident, since she hasn't been taught how to control fonons/use her fon slots yet.]

((From this tier she's keeping 1% on the scene where she uses the seventh fonon on a selenia flower which leads to her promising to join the Oracle Knights "Orickles" to be with Van, 1% on the Qliphoth/Yulia City. The other 3% will be used in the last tier.))

*Edit: switched out most instances of "Niisan" for the English equivalent.


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