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Character Name: Tear Grants (formally Mystearica Aura Fende)
Character Series: Tales of the Abyss
Background: If you need more background info, I can direct you to some self-written tealdear.

Personality: For Tear, once she's given herself to a particular goal, she invests her all. Having decided to follow her brother into the military, Tear studies and trains seriously, determined to become "the perfect soldier", though this mindset tends to distance her from the people she's sworn to protect.

Tear is very attached to her brother, and it's no surprise considering that Van is the one who raised her and taught her most of what she would need to know. After their initial clash, Tear also becomes quite fond of her instructor, Legretta, who seems to share in her respect for Van, and manages to provide a woman's viewpoint that Tear had never had in her life before. If something involves her brother, there's very little that can get in Tear's way, and it's due to this that Tear finds herself breaking into a noble house in an attempt to assassinate him. (Whoa, wait?!) Not at all. Tear decides that as his sister, it's her job to stop Van from realizing his plan to destroy the world and replace it with a giant replica, even if it kills the both of them.

Sometimes Tear gets a little too hung up on appearing strong. For example, while operating the passage rings, Tear's body was actually absorbing miasma along with seventh fonons and it was poisoning her. Rather than bringing this up to her companions, they don't find out about it until Tear pretty much faints on the spot.

In her heart Tear's actually very feminine, being attracted by cute animals, objects, and clothes. Because of her role as a soldier, however, she tries to snuff out all traces of this, even claiming that others don't need to think of her as a young woman. She is also afraid of ghosts; fighting monsters is one thing, but don't expect her to revel in scary stories. Rather, she'll most likely remove herself from the room.

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