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Mar. 1st, 2010 11:22 am
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Thought I might be needing this copy-pasta in the not-so distant future.

One must fight to live. )
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[Tear was up at the crack of dawn as per usual, walking off some lingering traces of sleep, getting a feel for whether or not anything was amiss out of doors, and proceeding to hike a little ways off the path to do her ritual morning training. It wasn't particularly necessary, but it was the norm for her, and something familiar. It made sense. And she certainly wasn't going to complain that she had remembered artes in the process. It was almost ridiculous how something so simple as running through her most basic artes could fill her with relief. She yanked one of her knives out of the trunk of a large cedar tree and checked along its edge for any nicks or scratches.]

Well, this might be a small improvement at the very least.

((OOC: I actually had a nice plotty entry written up, but we'll save it for another time. 1% on her base and arcane artes - Pow Hammer, Nocturnal Light, Severed Fate (hey, look, her username!), and Banishing Sorrow. She can also use FOFs, if FOFs are possible here. 17% used, 1% remaining.))


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