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You have got to be kidding me...

[Tear rips down a flyer, scrutinizing it with a mixture of annoyance and disbelief.]

[Flyer reads: "1st Annual Cooking Competition, Date TBA, Sponsored by Cafe Demois, Bring Out Your Best For a Chance to Win Fabulous Prizes Including a Dinner Date Served By Two of Our Fine Waitresses!!"]

[She tears the flyer neatly in half, then looks about for the next one so she can destroy it in the same fashion. They have been tacked up randomly around town.]

((OOC: Demois is pronounced "de moy". It came from my friend saying "cafe de moi" and me trying to make it look cooler. Kabalarians suggests it's a name that's easy-going and refined, and one that attracts people with problems in need of advice or understanding. This is what Fay had suggested to Tear anyway, so I'm going with it. Er... Although it has some negative connotations too, I just wanted a freaking name for Tear's place of employment. If I'm not allowed to do this stuff, tell me now!! Thanks! Also, if anyone is actually interested, I thought we could make a log for it. Doesn't have to be in paragraph form, right? Whatever works.))
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[Tear is on break at the cafe. She's out back practicing strikes and blocks with a broom since the manager is making her leave her weapons at home these days (they scare off the costumers, he says). Some of her hair is falling out of her ponytail at this point, and she'll doubtless have to fix it before the manager allows her to go back to waiting tables.

Fighting air isn't quite the same as sparring with Legretta, but at least she can relearn the motions, and at least the movement interrupts her thinking about what Van might be doing back in her own world.]

(I wonder how I can get back. Are hunting down suspicious objects and being present when the island does something strange going to be enough?)


(Van. What are you up to? Who else have you dragged into this?)


(I don't understand. Is this "Score" really such a terrible thing? What is it exactly and why do you hate it so much?)


(I'm so sure there are people around me suffering right now. Rena seemed sad... I need to do something.)

[Swings harder. The motions yanks at the muscles in her arms and forces her to stop.]
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(Mun notes: Obligatory cafe post it is. Tear has used the remaining cherry blossoms to try some new recipes which will be served at the cafe for the next week or so. We've got the sakura tea, sakura tea soup (it's a dish with vegetables and rice; adding hot water/tea causes the cherry blossoms that decorate it to bloom, it sounded pretty neat) and sakura mochi (rice cakes). Google them! For the less brave there's a cherry blossom cake that doesn't actually have the flowers cooked into it, but they decorate it for effect. Nothing too complicated, although I can't guarantee the taste - that's up to you. Next time we will be returning to the use of fruit (strawberries and apples, preferably) thanks to suggestions from Mokona and Cooro. And because Tear likes apples (and milk). Apple ice cream maybe? Overachiever. Pfff.)

[So where is she now? Tear's already in her maid waitress uniform about an hour before opening time. The lights are on and the front door is unlocked already. She's sitting at a table near the windows, polishing her weapons and watching her birds twittering around outside. Yes, her birds. (They're not really hers, they're wild birds, but that won't stop her from looking out for them since they're cute.) She appears content, and is probably even smiling a little as she watches them. Basically she's distracted.]

[Hymn #21]

May. 9th, 2009 10:08 pm
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Well, that wasn't so bad. I could have done without sweeping, but learning the proper way to prepare tea was interesting enough. I never knew it was such a complicated process or that I had been doing it completely wrong all this time. It's a little embarrassing... I guess I'm not very graceful...

[Tear conveniently leaves out the part about her shoulders, arms, and fingers being stiff from working all day. You might not want to touch her. (You probably shouldn't either way.)]

I've been thinking on things again. It seems like some of the residents are trying to make a new life on this island and others are clinging to the past they can't remember...

What do I want to do? There doesn't seem to be a right or best decision.

Do I want to search for yesterday's me?
Or do I want to simply start over?
Or do I want to incorporate aspects of both of those people?

The problem is not knowing who I was or what I did. There's the possibility that I won't even approve of her (ie. the person I was) after meeting new people and experiencing different things here. At the same time, however, I don't think I can abandon her. Not only is she directly related to the person I am now (...I mean, she must be, logically speaking...), but there's also the fact that I will inevitably remember who she was and what was important to her. As for both? I don't know. I have no desire to contradict myself and I feel that's entirely possible. Then again, I've probably said hypocritical things already.

I have to wonder if people are waiting for me back home. I keep dreaming about Van. What would my brother be doing if he was in my situation, and has he even noticed my disappearance? (Do we even disappear?)

There's not much point in worrying about it, but it's difficult to ignore questions like this.


Mokona suggested that I try a fruit dish next. I was leaning towards pineapples or strawberries since I experimented with apples last time. Does anyone remember any of their favorite dishes from home?

Also, it seems like a family of birds have made a nest in one of the hanging baskets outside the cafe. They're really lively and seem to be singing all the time. I think the eggs will probably hatch soon. (I'm no expert, but...) Please be mindful of them if you visit the cafe, since I don't want them to abandon their eggs. I bet the chicks will be really fluffy and adorable. <3

[Hymn #19]

May. 2nd, 2009 04:34 pm
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The ability people have to follow their noses is incredible. I'm not sure what to make of it...

[Private, Hackable]
Nothing remains dead here, is that right?
It is unnatural, Fay, but for some reason it gives me hope. It's hard to explain... I'm not really sure what this feeling is. I'd be naive to expect that to continue to hold true, however, and thus have every intention of remaining as cautious and alert as possible. Who knows when the rules might change, after all. But still... there's something...

[Filtered to Luke]
I said I'd tell you. Fay and Sakura seem to be having their picnic this weekend, in case you hadn't figured that out already.

So, in any case, I'm impressed that the cherry blossoms are still holding out. The air feels heavy because of them, but they're beautiful to look out, so I really don't mind if they stay with us for a while longer. Last week Fay and I gathered two baskets full of the flowers and leaves to try out in recipes at the cafe. I'm still somewhat reluctant to cook the flowers themselves into anything (it seems a little strange... eating flowers...), but the leaves seem to turn out all right when brewed into a tea.

Oh, that's right, I guess I should thank those of you who sampled my cooking. I'm glad you all seemed to like it, since I was honestly worried about the taste. I'll have to try my hand at it more often.

I will probably be bringing the tea and some pound cake to the picnic. This weather is perfect for being outside, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Also, has anyone else noticed that that hallways are... well, glittering these days? My thanks to whoever put forth so much effort. I've never seen it so clean before.

((OOC: Yeah, I need to add to my mood theme. Wait for it.))
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[Tear can be found in the cafe's kitchen after hours with a few cookbooks spread out on the countertop among various fruits and other ingredients and garnishes. The light in the front dining room is still on, so there's ample light. Thanks to a suggestion from Fay about trying to recreate tastes from the other residents' home worlds, she's decided to try her hand at *gaspeth!* cooking so that she'll be able to help out. Her current project is a pastry which smells heavily of apples. Apple crisp? Apple pie? Something like that.

(Nothing's burning just so you know. Tear-mun's done her research and guarantees it's edible and at least 'decent'.)

Tear pulls said pastry from the oven. Steam rolls off it and the smell of apples in the cafe doubles.]

I think that should do it...
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[It was getting a little dark at this hour, but Tear didn't much mind. In fact, sometimes Tear thought she might prefer the blue-tinted night hours over the multi-colored daytime ones. It didn't much matter to her, and with the moon nearly full, there would be ample light to see by once the sun had exited the sky. She had changed out of her uniform and gathered a few baskets and scissors for the job at hand.

Tear waited on a low wall outside the apartment complex thinking about her task. The trees wouldn't get angry if she borrowed some of their flowers and leaves... would they? After all, she was planning on using them as a garnish for the dishes the cafe manager made. They'd be enjoyed by other people. She had seen the cherry blossom trees sprout back up after being completely destroyed, so she didn't imagine this much less severe treatment would harm them, but... did the trees possibly have minds of their own? Tear was just slightly leery, but since Fay didn't seem too concerned, she supposed she should just relax.

So she sat there and waited for him, overthinking as usual, but otherwise she remained fairly content.]

((OOC: I assume she has spent about $30 on baskets and scissors. While I'm at it, probably a total of $300 on clothes (can't have her wearing the same thing all the time), and another $20 on miscellaneous items (hair brush, tooth brush, stuff like that, yo). -$350 total. She's been waitressing during the week since Mar. 16th.))
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[[OOC: This and subsequent entries take place after the hiking thread (which is still going on, as far as I know) And her maid outfit is as close as I can get to a cafe uniform so, enjoy.]]

[Tear sat at one of the cafe tables with a sheet of paper and a pen, comprising a list. The room was mostly vacant and the atmosphere relaxed. The restaurant's manager had set her about the task of coming up with ideas to attract more customers, and she was brainstorming dutifully. It didn't hurt that an influx of customers brought with it the potential for tips, which she didn't particularly need, but were bound to be useful eventually for lessons or supplies.

So far she had written down the obvious: extending the menu, lowering prices, advertising, offering some form of entertainment, following some sort of theme which might be popular with the other residents (or maybe switching themes every week so that returning customers would have something to look forward to). It had also crossed her mind that hiring more staff members might draw a larger crowd - after all, there was only so much she could do by herself, and she didn't much want to run herself ragged if it could be avoided. Although, it was fairly obvious that Tear was the type to do just that unless someone convinced her to stop.

Tear paused in her work long enough to adjust her headband and help herself to another sip of tea.]


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