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[For all technical purposes, Tear has made herself scarce. She is taking the rest of the week off from work and has informed no one about it save the manager. That doesn't mean she's impossible to find, however. Rather predictably she is sitting near her flower garden at the Hakurei Shrine, rolling an apple between her palms that she snagged from breakfast this morning and hasn't taken the first bite of. There's a lot for her to mull over, and she can't do that unless she has some time to herself. Auldrant has never seemed so far away, but she has no idea where to go from here, and she still has so very many unanswered questions.]


[OOC: Cherry's mean, but I need to get some of this heavy crap out of the way at some point. 1% on Absorption Gate, mainly concerned with dialogue; the battle itself; and Van, like all good Disney villains, falling to his "demise". AND THAT VAN SRSLY PLAYS HIS OWN BGM ON THE ORGAN. We'll worry about the other cast members and all the technical Sephiroth (not that Sephiroth) stuff at another time, so assume she doesn't know anything about lowering the land or where the heck all this drama is taking place. That makes 12% with 2% left. She'll go back to work next Monday.]
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[Filtered to friends & acquaintances; locked from Luke & Asch]

I have an inquiry I would like to make:

I encountered a new arrival to the island a few days ago; he was a swordsman wearing a black uniform with long red hair, green eyes, and a grouchy disposition. Has anyone else crossed paths with this person? If so, I'd like to speak with you at a convenient time.

[/end filter]

I'm looking for a sparring partner. Would anyone be interested?
Weapons and fighting style don't matter. I use a staff and knives, and what some people would refer to as "magic". I'm not opposed to using a sword, either, but I haven't received proper training in handling one.

In any case, a person can improve only so much using stationary targets.

[Hymn #21]

May. 9th, 2009 10:08 pm
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Well, that wasn't so bad. I could have done without sweeping, but learning the proper way to prepare tea was interesting enough. I never knew it was such a complicated process or that I had been doing it completely wrong all this time. It's a little embarrassing... I guess I'm not very graceful...

[Tear conveniently leaves out the part about her shoulders, arms, and fingers being stiff from working all day. You might not want to touch her. (You probably shouldn't either way.)]

I've been thinking on things again. It seems like some of the residents are trying to make a new life on this island and others are clinging to the past they can't remember...

What do I want to do? There doesn't seem to be a right or best decision.

Do I want to search for yesterday's me?
Or do I want to simply start over?
Or do I want to incorporate aspects of both of those people?

The problem is not knowing who I was or what I did. There's the possibility that I won't even approve of her (ie. the person I was) after meeting new people and experiencing different things here. At the same time, however, I don't think I can abandon her. Not only is she directly related to the person I am now (...I mean, she must be, logically speaking...), but there's also the fact that I will inevitably remember who she was and what was important to her. As for both? I don't know. I have no desire to contradict myself and I feel that's entirely possible. Then again, I've probably said hypocritical things already.

I have to wonder if people are waiting for me back home. I keep dreaming about Van. What would my brother be doing if he was in my situation, and has he even noticed my disappearance? (Do we even disappear?)

There's not much point in worrying about it, but it's difficult to ignore questions like this.


Mokona suggested that I try a fruit dish next. I was leaning towards pineapples or strawberries since I experimented with apples last time. Does anyone remember any of their favorite dishes from home?

Also, it seems like a family of birds have made a nest in one of the hanging baskets outside the cafe. They're really lively and seem to be singing all the time. I think the eggs will probably hatch soon. (I'm no expert, but...) Please be mindful of them if you visit the cafe, since I don't want them to abandon their eggs. I bet the chicks will be really fluffy and adorable. <3
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[Tear can be found in the cafe's kitchen after hours with a few cookbooks spread out on the countertop among various fruits and other ingredients and garnishes. The light in the front dining room is still on, so there's ample light. Thanks to a suggestion from Fay about trying to recreate tastes from the other residents' home worlds, she's decided to try her hand at *gaspeth!* cooking so that she'll be able to help out. Her current project is a pastry which smells heavily of apples. Apple crisp? Apple pie? Something like that.

(Nothing's burning just so you know. Tear-mun's done her research and guarantees it's edible and at least 'decent'.)

Tear pulls said pastry from the oven. Steam rolls off it and the smell of apples in the cafe doubles.]

I think that should do it...

[Hymn #6]

Mar. 14th, 2009 03:19 pm
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[She is currently bundled up under about four or five layers of blankets, shivering like mad.]

Oh, this is just wonderful...
Right when I finally get a job it turns freezing cold outside.

I really don't want to leave the building, but there's not very much to do indoors. Unless I decided to read Renge's manga; I'm not that desperate, however.

I guess I could try setting up a cafe in the apartment building, if anyone would donate some tea or coffee, or if anyone knows how to cook... I don't think I trust myself in the kitchen just yet.

Boss, you don't really expect me to show up wearing a skirt in this weather, do you?

I guess I don't have much of a choice. I need the money.
But are any customers even going to show up? I highly doubt it.

[Hymn #1]

Mar. 8th, 2009 11:42 pm
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It's warm...
What is this place, and why am I here?

...I don't seem to be able to remember anything. How strange.

Well, there's no point in sitting around. I should see if I there's anyone in that town over there who can tell me where I am.

Maybe I'll be able to snap out of this once I talk to someone. Perhaps my memory will flood back to me then. Somehow, though, I doubt it...

I'll introduce myself to them as Tear. It's the only thing that comes to mind, so it's probably my name. least I think so.


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