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[Nathan's "unicorn" comments had at least warranted a look around the stables. Tear had seen plenty of interesting creatures, but the horses and the winged horses (called "pegasi" or singularly a "pegasus") were somewhat new. It was hard not to like creatures that would willingly trot up and take apples or carrots out of the palm of her hand. (Not that she was spoiling them or anything! She'd only brought a handful of apple slices yesterday - and it wasn't as if she could resist; the animals seemed both charming and intelligent.) Apparently they were riding animals; Tear had never ridden any sort of animal before, not even during her training, but the prospect was somewhat intriguing.

This afternoon, however, she was forgoing apple slices and instead waiting around for Guts. Perhaps she'd learn a thing or two about proper riding form by watching him.]

They move as if they haven't a single care in the world.

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[Tear is summarizing what she has discovered via the library about this peculiar Earth holiday. It is likely that she researched Christmas while she was at it. I wiki'd all this.]

"All Hallows' Eve", more popularly known as "Halloween", is a holiday observed predominantly in the Western world on the planet called Earth. It was derived from the Old Irish festival at summer's end, "Samhain", which celebrated the close to the lighter half of the year and the beginning of the darker half.

The ancient Celts believed that on this day, the border between the "Otherworld" and the world of the living became incredibly thin, allowing both passive and violent spirits to travel back and forth between them. The wearing of costumes was said to disguise humans in an attempt to trick the evil spirits into leaving them unharmed. Family spirits were also honored by lighting candles.

The holiday is becoming increasingly secular and commercialized, even though it is believed to have religious origins. It is widely celebrated on October thirty-first, where children dress up in costumes and go from door-to-door uttering the words "Trick or Treat". Children are then either given candy, other food items, or currency, or they can be shooed away in which case they will perform a harmless prank on the home owners. Halloween traditions include burning bonfires, bobbing for apples, haunted houses, costume parties, divination, the telling of... ghost stories, and the aforementioned trick-or-treating. Popular foods include candied apples, candy corn, and a wide variety of manufactured sweets and chocolates.

Symbols such as the jack-o-lantern (a pumpkin or other vegetable with a face carved into it), witches, vampires, werewolves, black cats, scarecrows, and ghosts are common.

...the spirits of the departed is one matter, but...

... ...Ghosts?

I-It's a good thing the island isn't haunted...! There are no ghosts here, so there's no need for me to worry! Right. No ghosts. None. Absolutely not!

...W-well! That's the gist of it. There have been a large number of children hurrying about in costume recently. Perhaps I should try cooking something again, otherwise I have a feeling I'll run out of food to offer them. And besides, that the "island" left us with those bags, no matter how harmless the sweets appear, it still makes me the slightest bit suspicious.

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((OOC: I couldn't resist... it seemed amusing.))

By Yulia!

Whose bright idea was it to go punching holes in the apartment building anyway?! It looks like someone must have crashed right through the walls and kept going... Did they even survive all of that?

Normally I'd dismiss it as someone being suicidal a complete idiot, since I really have nothing of value in my room anyway, additionally my weapons were on me at the time...

But you nearly destroyed my present in the process! You know, the one I had to go to that ball to receive, and one of the very few things I even have from home... It's rather important to me...

If I hadn't decided to split it up, you would have succeeded, too!

Agh... Perhaps I've been too careless, but with something like that...

I don't think I'm being at all unfair by demanding an explanation. If you don't turn yourself in properly, I'll find you myself, and I probably won't be very happy when that time comes. I'm not exactly happy right now...

I guess I'll be camping outside until I get everything patched and back in order.

[Just so you know, Tear's reaaaalllly angry. XDD]


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[It's a few minutes after midnight, dark, and hardly a creature is stirring. Tear is sitting on the floor outside of her apartment room with her arms wrapped loosely around her knees.]

...that wasn't...? couldn't really be a...

[Tear frowns.]

...could it?

((OOC: Bring me your ghost stories?))

[Hymn #14]

Apr. 10th, 2009 10:51 pm
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I was browsing through some of the reference books in the library and came across a mention of some holiday that is presumably celebrated around this time.

Does anyone have this "Easter" where they come from?
If so, what's it like? I'm curious.


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