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...just as I thought. Although it would appear these events continue to make less and less sense with time. Wh-what am I even supposed to do with a wedding dress? ...this is embarrassing...

[Private; Hackable.]
I'm quite certain it was around that time. Luke and I went to speak to Grandfather about St. Binah. He seemed quite sure that St. Binah wasn't in danger because there was nothing concerning it written in the Score. Grandfather suggested that we take the Yulia Road back to the Outer Lands if there was any doubt left in our minds. Suffice it to say, we did just that. The Yulia Road connects to the Outer Lands on the Padamiyan continent in Aramis Spring. When we arrived, Guy was waiting for us (to be more specific, he had apparently left Asch and the others to come back for Luke). The Colonel was also there, but for entirely different reasons. After some persuasion, we all headed for Daath to see to a more immediate problem.

[Private; Unhackable.]
So both Akzeriuth and Hod were simply allowed to collapse because their destruction was foretold in the Score?

Grand Maestro Mohs was always dedicated to the fulfillment of the Score. ...he truly intends to start a war between the Malkuth Empire and the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear. I didn't want to believe it, but to kidnap Fon Master Ion and Princess Natalia... There's no doubt left in my mind.

It all falls back on the Score. Even if the Score promises prosperity, should we really just stand by and allow decisions to be made for us? To become spectators?

I can't accept this.

[OOC: 2% on speaking with Teodoro about the Closed Score, returning to the Outer Lands via the Yulia Road, and meeting up with Guy and Jade at Aramis Spring. 2% remaining; 29% total used. Lloyd tl;dr post coming... eventually.]
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It's... ironic that I should happen to remember something about the knives I carry.

[Private; hackable.]
For a long time I had wanted to attend the Oracle Knights training school in Daath, but neither Grandfather nor Van would hear anything of it. Instead, they hired a private tutor to teach me what I would need to know about fighting.

I was incredibly ungrateful at the time. My attitude towards Major Legretta and my lessons was completely disgraceful. However, there was an incident. Someone had used a knife issued by the Order of Lorelei to slaughter a neighbor's rappigs. Since no one could be found who used throwing knives except for myself, Grandfather told me to apologize in their place even though I wasn't responsible for what happened.

It was Major Legretta who stood up for me. She said that I shouldn't have to apologize for something that I had no blame in and proceeded to trace and capture the true culprit. Even though Major Legretta insisted that she didn't do so for my sake, she had gained my admiration. I felt ashamed for my earlier actions and decided that I would devote myself to my training.

[Private; unhackable. )

((OOC: Sorry for the Tear spam. And I need to write up another Meer entry, too, but Tear hasn't remembered anything in a while, so there you go. 1% spent on her first meeting(s) with Legretta, her instructor, 1% spent on the battle with her at Deo Pass en route to Akzeriuth; 19% total spent, 5% remaining.))
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[Tear had just recently discovered something she hated even more than ghosts: alcohol.
If the hangover didn't kill her now, the not remembering exactly what she had been doing during that too-long period of time would. She thought she remembered a few things, but none of it was incredibly comforting. Maybe no one else would remember either. She could certainly pretend that she didn't just fine. But as for the other parties in question...

But that didn't matter. She was hungover, and she had work today. Luckily, there were breaks, and as soon as she could, she sank down into a chair looking much like a wilting flower. The sun was too bright, customers all seemed to be shouting at her, and she felt exhausted and sick because she hadn't slept for more than a few hours. She had never been more grateful for a steaming cup of NORMAL tea. The idea of sitting like this for the rest of the day was far too tempting. Not that she would; the cafe was short-handed again; as soon as break time was over, she'd be back on her feet.]


[Tear dug around in her apron and produced her journal and a pen and began writing down something as she remembered it. This bold part is about the equivalent of a public journal entry.]

ND2000. In Kimlasca shall be born the scion of Lorelei's power. He will be of royal blood with hair of red. He shall be called "The Light of the Sacred Flame" and he will lead Kimlasca-Lanvaldear to new prosperity.

ND2018. The young scion of Lorelei's power shall bring his people to the miner's city. There

[Stops writing. This is not helping her headache very much at all.]

...that's it?

[OOC: We now return to your regularly scheduled Tear. 1% on Tear's rank under Grand Maestro Mohs and her mission to find the Seventh Fonstone, 1% on her reading the Sixth Fonstone in Baticul. Essentially she now has some idea of what the Score is. 11% total used, 3% remaining from Oktoberfest.]


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