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If there is anyone who still requires assistance, do not hesitate to ask one of us. I have helped to start a number of controlled fires in the general vicinity. These should aid in generating warm air and providing areas for cooking food or boiling water. They may also serve to deter some of the wild animals. Please use standard fire precautions and keep a bucket of water nearby at all times just in case the flames should become too difficult to handle. If anyone sustains injury and there is not an island healer immediately on hand, you are welcome to come to me and I'll do what I can. That's all.
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Lately I've taken to reading books about different cultures, since I noticed that not many people are even aware of what fonons are and don't seem to be able to sense them. I hadn't considered how diverse the various worlds are until just recently. In fact, it's surprising that we have anything in common, and yet there are numerous similarities between us.

I was wondering if there are any other holy days that are commonly celebrated on the island?
I recall there was "Easter" back during the blooming period with the father-and-son, egg painting, and rabbits.

Speaking of rabbits...

[OOC: Uh, yeah, it's about time Tear finally got a pet, in case anyone wanted to know. And it will be named "Fluffy" as per canon. Don't laugh, giving pet names isn't her forte!]
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[It was the usual scene: Tear wandering around out of doors late in the evening. The melodist had been growing increasingly restless, and the easiest solution to quelling that uneasiness was to train her body to become stronger. Besides, she had requested sparring partners and Luke was expecting her to be able to teach him. If Tear didn't come to understand her own abilities better, she'd be hindering everyone else. Tear, as a soldier and as a person, did not want to slow anyone down.

Tear paused in an open area free of people, extending her staff so that it was parallel to the ground. She made sure her breath was even, shutting out everything around her in order to sense even the slightest of vibrations in the air. She focused, drawing those vibrations - particles of sound, towards herself.

To the average onlooker with any knack for magic, it probably looked like she was charging up magic in order to cast a spell. Rather than chanting a traditional incantation, however, Tear sang a short verse.]

♪ Croix Ryo Croix Nevu Tsuae Rei Croix Ryo Tsuae Rei Va ♪

Grand Cross!

[Some distance away, where empty, darkening air had been moments before, the space exploded into blooming light, forming the unmistakable shape of an ornamental cross.]
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[Tear is standing in the middle of her room right after this thread, wearing an outfit that she would not normally be caught dead in, simply because her closet is overflowing with revealing garments which she most certainly did not buy herself, and she can't find her normal clothes, since she only has a few of those. She is almost visibly bristling, as if her hair has started to stand on end.]

Wh-- W-what is this?!

[Anybody nearby can probably hear.]

...wait... Wait a minute...

[Oh and it starts to click into place, but Tear's just getting even more agitated. Her tail starts lashing and her ears are twitching. Wait... wait a minute... this isn't quite right.]

((OOC: I'll explain, I'm stealing the catgirl antics from Tokyo Mew Mew. If Tear gets embarrassed/scared/flustered, her cat ears and tail will pop out. If you really freak her out, she'll turn completely into a cat. If you turn her into a cat, the only way she can return to normal is if she gets kissed (or licked, nosed, etc) by a human or another animal. This is totally how it works in shoujo manga, I didn't make it up. XD She'll also have a few cat-like tendencies... moodiness, "-nya"-ing, well, use your imagination. Have fun? *bricked*))
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[True to her job, Tear unenthusiastically tacks another of those fliers up on the cafe's bulletin board, only this one is short and to the point. She takes a few step backwards, suppressing a groan and filtering back into the crowd - well, it's not a huge crowd, but at least there are enough people around that she doesn't have to be the center of attention (hopefully), and she might have otherwise, seeing as her manager had ordered them all new uniforms for the height of summer in varying sunny, warm colors. Tear folded her arms in front of herself. There was no point in fighting this, was there? She'd just have to go along with this whole date thing, since it was part of her job, and thus her duty as a waitress... not that she really bought that explanation for a minute, but it made it slightly more bearable.]


[Tear's attention strayed as she scanned the crowd.]

[[OOC: Here are the results. I double-checked the numbers and for the people who scored the same amount, I rolled another set of dice. Only the top three matter. Everyone else will be getting free desserts. However, the manager's probably going to try to convince Rika to be the cafe's mascot or something, since she was playing the cute card the whole time.

1. Hayate (Tear)
2. Olette
3. Subaru

Hayate gets first dibs, then Olette, then Subaru.
Thanks for participating everyone! /o/;; ]]
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You have got to be kidding me...

[Tear rips down a flyer, scrutinizing it with a mixture of annoyance and disbelief.]

[Flyer reads: "1st Annual Cooking Competition, Date TBA, Sponsored by Cafe Demois, Bring Out Your Best For a Chance to Win Fabulous Prizes Including a Dinner Date Served By Two of Our Fine Waitresses!!"]

[She tears the flyer neatly in half, then looks about for the next one so she can destroy it in the same fashion. They have been tacked up randomly around town.]

((OOC: Demois is pronounced "de moy". It came from my friend saying "cafe de moi" and me trying to make it look cooler. Kabalarians suggests it's a name that's easy-going and refined, and one that attracts people with problems in need of advice or understanding. This is what Fay had suggested to Tear anyway, so I'm going with it. Er... Although it has some negative connotations too, I just wanted a freaking name for Tear's place of employment. If I'm not allowed to do this stuff, tell me now!! Thanks! Also, if anyone is actually interested, I thought we could make a log for it. Doesn't have to be in paragraph form, right? Whatever works.))
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[Tear is sitting in the grass near the Ari Apartments. It's nearly dark, and the moon is peeking over the tree tops. She seems quite miserable if you know what signs to look for. That is, she appears calm on the surface and is being perfectly serious, but there's this flicker of what can only be described as longing in those blue eyes. A few feet away is a wild rabbit nibbling at a patch of clover. She watches it, but she's practicing restraint. She wishes to pet it, yes she certainly does. But... Who knows what this cute thing might turn into? She's had enough adventures in that department to last her a lifetime, thank you. And possibly to cure Tear of her occasionally borderline frightening adoration for cute things. She doesn't dare get even a centimeter closer. She just sighs pathetically.]


((OOC: Tear recently stumbled upon Ritsu. That's why she's like this. XD))
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[Tear is on break at the cafe. She's out back practicing strikes and blocks with a broom since the manager is making her leave her weapons at home these days (they scare off the costumers, he says). Some of her hair is falling out of her ponytail at this point, and she'll doubtless have to fix it before the manager allows her to go back to waiting tables.

Fighting air isn't quite the same as sparring with Legretta, but at least she can relearn the motions, and at least the movement interrupts her thinking about what Van might be doing back in her own world.]

(I wonder how I can get back. Are hunting down suspicious objects and being present when the island does something strange going to be enough?)


(Van. What are you up to? Who else have you dragged into this?)


(I don't understand. Is this "Score" really such a terrible thing? What is it exactly and why do you hate it so much?)


(I'm so sure there are people around me suffering right now. Rena seemed sad... I need to do something.)

[Swings harder. The motions yanks at the muscles in her arms and forces her to stop.]
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So, at first I was really scared when I found myself in the Outer Lands, but I've made a lot of friends already! I hope Van doesn't get too mad at me. I wonder if he's really looking for me. He's busy, so maybe he hasn't even seen that I'm gone yet.

I thought perhaps maybe this was Daath, but it isn't. It's called "Memento Eden". I wonder where that is? I've never heard of it before.

Even though I love my new friends very much, only one person seemed to know who Van was. He said he was my brother's student, but he was too busy to help me or something like that. I still don't know his name, so if this is rude, I'm really sorry! His name was Sir Luke. I guess it's okay if Van doesn't come find me yet, because we're all going to work together to find a way back to our homes and beat the mean kidnappers, right? Does anyone know who the mean people are? I haven't seen anyone like that yet.

I always thought being kidnapped and being lost was a bad thing, but this is really fun! I met Rika and Mokona and Nall and lots of other people! And then I got my "sebbenth fomoms" to work again when I found a little boy in trouble! He said because I was nice and healed him that I might be an angel. I'm not sure what an angel is exactly, but they seem really wonderful! I wouldn't mind being one if I could still join the "Orickles" and be a knight like Van! ♥ Because I want to help people in trouble no matter what!! Come to think of it... Maybe the healers are angels? Maybe I should have gone to see them sooner instead of playing in the apartments.

Wuahh... there's so much I don't know about the Outer Lands...

But I really want to pick flowers to give Van when I go home, just like Rika suggested! It'd be really fun to play in the grass and sing and look at the pretty flowers. If Van was here he'd sing to me, but I don't remember how it goes... Does anyone know any songs?
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W-wuahhh!! Wh-where?? That bright ball is a sun, right? The sky is so big and clear and wonderful! There's no "meyazma" anywhere... It's all clean! And the flowers! There are big ones and small ones and there are so many colors! It hurts my eyes a little, but it is so very pretty!

S-so... this... this is the Outer Lands!! It is the Outer Lands, right? I wanted to know what it was like! This is so amazing!

But... I got here how?

Wahhh... but!! But Van told me not to go to the Outer Lands, and Grandfather did, too! I'm dead! I will be in such big trouble! If they find out they'll toss me into the "meyazma" and I will never be able to join the "Orickles"! I can't let that happen!!

And there is nobody... nobody...

[She cups her small hands around her mouth and calls out in a high-pitched child's voice.]

........Brother? Are you there?

.....Big Brother?!!!!


Where are you? It's too big!! I'm scared! I'm really scared, Van!! Big Brother?! BIG BROTHER!!! VANDESDELCA!!!

[And five-year-old Tear takes off running at full speed in a random direction. If any people are in her way she will plow right into them. Not that it would hurt very much. Moeblobs tend to be soft and harmless, and Tear is definitely both right now. She also sounds like she inhaled helium. She's soft-spoken and squeaky. Only other info I can think of mentioning is that she can use simple healing abilities, but, it would probably be by accident, since she hasn't been taught how to control fonons/use her fon slots yet.]

((From this tier she's keeping 1% on the scene where she uses the seventh fonon on a selenia flower which leads to her promising to join the Oracle Knights "Orickles" to be with Van, 1% on the Qliphoth/Yulia City. The other 3% will be used in the last tier.))

*Edit: switched out most instances of "Niisan" for the English equivalent.

[Hymn #21]

May. 9th, 2009 10:08 pm
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Well, that wasn't so bad. I could have done without sweeping, but learning the proper way to prepare tea was interesting enough. I never knew it was such a complicated process or that I had been doing it completely wrong all this time. It's a little embarrassing... I guess I'm not very graceful...

[Tear conveniently leaves out the part about her shoulders, arms, and fingers being stiff from working all day. You might not want to touch her. (You probably shouldn't either way.)]

I've been thinking on things again. It seems like some of the residents are trying to make a new life on this island and others are clinging to the past they can't remember...

What do I want to do? There doesn't seem to be a right or best decision.

Do I want to search for yesterday's me?
Or do I want to simply start over?
Or do I want to incorporate aspects of both of those people?

The problem is not knowing who I was or what I did. There's the possibility that I won't even approve of her (ie. the person I was) after meeting new people and experiencing different things here. At the same time, however, I don't think I can abandon her. Not only is she directly related to the person I am now (...I mean, she must be, logically speaking...), but there's also the fact that I will inevitably remember who she was and what was important to her. As for both? I don't know. I have no desire to contradict myself and I feel that's entirely possible. Then again, I've probably said hypocritical things already.

I have to wonder if people are waiting for me back home. I keep dreaming about Van. What would my brother be doing if he was in my situation, and has he even noticed my disappearance? (Do we even disappear?)

There's not much point in worrying about it, but it's difficult to ignore questions like this.


Mokona suggested that I try a fruit dish next. I was leaning towards pineapples or strawberries since I experimented with apples last time. Does anyone remember any of their favorite dishes from home?

Also, it seems like a family of birds have made a nest in one of the hanging baskets outside the cafe. They're really lively and seem to be singing all the time. I think the eggs will probably hatch soon. (I'm no expert, but...) Please be mindful of them if you visit the cafe, since I don't want them to abandon their eggs. I bet the chicks will be really fluffy and adorable. <3
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How does a water gun fight lead to something like this? Yes, I realize I lost, but I didn't actually think anyone was going to take advantage of forcing the losers into becoming their slaves. As a result, Reimu had Aya kidnap drag Luke and myself to the Hakurei Shrine and ordered us to be "shrine maidens" for the day.

I really wish I were kidding; I'm not even exaggerating.

The most ridiculous part is she's convinced I'm Luke's girlfriend. How does she even figure that? I don't suppose there's anything wrong with Luke, but half the time I end up arguing with him. Well, whatever.

[And she's still brooming the pathway leading to the shrine, distant, silent and none too happy about her situation.]

((OOC: Here's a bigger shot of my quickie drawing of Tear in the miko outfit. I was too lazy to scan it. I'll probably do this again for other outfits/items my characters get/have. Maybe. MAYBE.))

[Hymn #19]

May. 2nd, 2009 04:34 pm
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The ability people have to follow their noses is incredible. I'm not sure what to make of it...

[Private, Hackable]
Nothing remains dead here, is that right?
It is unnatural, Fay, but for some reason it gives me hope. It's hard to explain... I'm not really sure what this feeling is. I'd be naive to expect that to continue to hold true, however, and thus have every intention of remaining as cautious and alert as possible. Who knows when the rules might change, after all. But still... there's something...

[Filtered to Luke]
I said I'd tell you. Fay and Sakura seem to be having their picnic this weekend, in case you hadn't figured that out already.

So, in any case, I'm impressed that the cherry blossoms are still holding out. The air feels heavy because of them, but they're beautiful to look out, so I really don't mind if they stay with us for a while longer. Last week Fay and I gathered two baskets full of the flowers and leaves to try out in recipes at the cafe. I'm still somewhat reluctant to cook the flowers themselves into anything (it seems a little strange... eating flowers...), but the leaves seem to turn out all right when brewed into a tea.

Oh, that's right, I guess I should thank those of you who sampled my cooking. I'm glad you all seemed to like it, since I was honestly worried about the taste. I'll have to try my hand at it more often.

I will probably be bringing the tea and some pound cake to the picnic. This weather is perfect for being outside, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Also, has anyone else noticed that that hallways are... well, glittering these days? My thanks to whoever put forth so much effort. I've never seen it so clean before.

((OOC: Yeah, I need to add to my mood theme. Wait for it.))
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[Tear can be found in the cafe's kitchen after hours with a few cookbooks spread out on the countertop among various fruits and other ingredients and garnishes. The light in the front dining room is still on, so there's ample light. Thanks to a suggestion from Fay about trying to recreate tastes from the other residents' home worlds, she's decided to try her hand at *gaspeth!* cooking so that she'll be able to help out. Her current project is a pastry which smells heavily of apples. Apple crisp? Apple pie? Something like that.

(Nothing's burning just so you know. Tear-mun's done her research and guarantees it's edible and at least 'decent'.)

Tear pulls said pastry from the oven. Steam rolls off it and the smell of apples in the cafe doubles.]

I think that should do it...

[Hymn #9]

Mar. 21st, 2009 09:16 pm
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Thank goodness the weather is finally warming back up. I don't think I could have endured much more of it.

Anyway, I finally managed to remember something today. That sounds kind of pathetic, doesn't it?

I remembered my brother, Van. I get the impression that he was very dear to me when I was a child, almost like a father. He used to sing to me, I think, but I can't recall the melody.

All of that must have been a long time ago.

Why can't I remember anything more recent? Did something happen?

[1% memory gain from the poetry contest; she remembers Van only as she knew him as a child, she has no idea about his plans for destroying the Outer Lands, etc, etc. Just very basic stuff about him. 1% total. (Hope that's alright.)]

[Hymn #7]

Mar. 16th, 2009 09:34 pm
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Even with the addition of a heavy coat and winter clothing, it's still horribly cold out there. (Thank you so much for that, Fay-san. You're too kind.)

I couldn't bring myself to miss my first day of waitressing, so I went, but there doesn't seem to be anyone much out and about in this mess. It's hardly worth it, and I get the feeling that I will regret making the journey after a few more days of it. Oh well, it's better than being stuck in the room all day.

That said, for those that are unwilling to leave the apartments (and everyone else, too, for that matter), a few others and myself are offering door-to-door tea service. I can guarantee it's hot, so if you'd like a cup on the house, just let one of us know and we'll bring it up for you.

I wanted to do something for everyone, and this was all I could come up with...

[OOC: Fay loaned her money... she probably spent $50 on warm boots w/o heels, $50 on a warmer outfit with SLEEVES, $100 on a nice, heavy coat, and another $50 on tea for everyone.]

[Hymn #3]

Mar. 10th, 2009 10:13 pm
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[Filtered from Renge; not hackable by her]
I wonder if half of Memento Eden is feeling sorry for me right about now... Does anyone have anything positive to say about this girl? So far I've heard she's crazy, special, eccentric... and "entertaining". I'd like a female's point-of-view if possible... so far my warnings have come from men. I hope she appears soon or else I'm not sure how I'll react. I don't want to seem biased against her when we've never met before.

Today I wandered around town. The library is quite impressive; it looks to have information on just about everything. I am considering researching different things to see if I can discover one of my skills or hobbies. I guess learning more about combat is a start, since I had weapons with me when I appeared. I wonder what else I might be good at... Then again, I could be terrible with weapons even if I own them, I suppose. Any suggestions?

In the meantime I'll keep searching for a job.


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