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They say that married couples tend to start acting alike after they have been together for several years and can even finish one another's sentences. Therefore, what does it mean when two people are nearly perfectly matched prior to a formal wedding?

[Sigh.] I fear for the future of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, I really do. They're just children, no matter how you approach the situation...

[Private; unhackable.]
I'm relieved that Luke's mother wasn't stricken with illness too badly as a result of her son's disappearance. Still, I feel somewhat responsible for causing her to worry needlessly. I should have been more careful, and must continue to be so.

Perhaps I was foolish for trying to explain things. I suppose anyone would feel the urge to speak up about what they've learned in a setting like this. The very process of remembering is vexing. Many times I lack context or any sense of chronological order; I can't be sure when these events occurred or if they even hold true at the present time. For now, I suppose I have no option but to wait. Raven was right - my current approach to returning to Auldrant certainly won't benefit anyone.

In any case, I wonder if peace is truly an option between two countries that have been at war for so long.

((OOC: 1% on being arrested taken aboard the Tartarus and lots of dialogue thereafter; 1% on meeting Natalia... that whole lovely scene where Tear gets called a "servant girl" and suffers through a few other insults from various people. Let's just say it didn't go very well. But hey, at least Suzanne was nice. 16% total. 2% left from Halloween.))
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[For all technical purposes, Tear has made herself scarce. She is taking the rest of the week off from work and has informed no one about it save the manager. That doesn't mean she's impossible to find, however. Rather predictably she is sitting near her flower garden at the Hakurei Shrine, rolling an apple between her palms that she snagged from breakfast this morning and hasn't taken the first bite of. There's a lot for her to mull over, and she can't do that unless she has some time to herself. Auldrant has never seemed so far away, but she has no idea where to go from here, and she still has so very many unanswered questions.]


[OOC: Cherry's mean, but I need to get some of this heavy crap out of the way at some point. 1% on Absorption Gate, mainly concerned with dialogue; the battle itself; and Van, like all good Disney villains, falling to his "demise". AND THAT VAN SRSLY PLAYS HIS OWN BGM ON THE ORGAN. We'll worry about the other cast members and all the technical Sephiroth (not that Sephiroth) stuff at another time, so assume she doesn't know anything about lowering the land or where the heck all this drama is taking place. That makes 12% with 2% left. She'll go back to work next Monday.]
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[Private; you can hack this if you're really curious, but it's just a case of Tear logic.]

In regards to the letter. (Cut for - you guessed it - length.) )


Some of the leaves are already starting to change. I suspect the weather will turn cold soon enough.

[Tear can be found on a low wall outside the Ari Apartments, a stack of books including her journal beside her. She is currently assorting marbles by color.]
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[Private; hackable to friends (if you've interacted with her at least 3-5 times I'd say)]

Mystearica Aura Fende. That's what Misa-Misa said my name was, at least. It seems like it could be correct, judging it against my brother's name. But it makes me wonder if there's a reason besides convenience's sake that I remembered myself simply as "Tear".
I suppose shorter's just easier...

I can't say that I thoroughly understand her abilities, but they do seem useful enough, especially if you worked alongside healers or medics. The more I think about it, though, there really does seem to be a pattern. A lot of the people I've met seem to either have unique abilities, were important where they came from, or both. Perhaps there's a purpose for gathering people with a wide variety of specialties? Well, it's not like anyone can give me an answer. Moving on...

Speaking of people I've met, a lot of those I was introduced to when I first got here have since disappeared. Some people seem worried about that, as if this place is dying, or rather, that it'll "never be born". I don't think this place is dying so much as changing, but I dislike that aspect of it all the same. Disappearing. What happens to a person who disappears... do they appear elsewhere at the same rate and merely get transferred to another place, or is there actually a moment when they no longer exist?


Other than all that, I'm seriously thinking that this might be an ideal time for me to find a pet. ...I'm really sorry about earlier...!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't think I'm allergic to any animals, but it can't be one that would knock over or try to ingest plants now that I've finally succeeded in getting them to bloom properly.
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You have got to be kidding me...

[Tear rips down a flyer, scrutinizing it with a mixture of annoyance and disbelief.]

[Flyer reads: "1st Annual Cooking Competition, Date TBA, Sponsored by Cafe Demois, Bring Out Your Best For a Chance to Win Fabulous Prizes Including a Dinner Date Served By Two of Our Fine Waitresses!!"]

[She tears the flyer neatly in half, then looks about for the next one so she can destroy it in the same fashion. They have been tacked up randomly around town.]

((OOC: Demois is pronounced "de moy". It came from my friend saying "cafe de moi" and me trying to make it look cooler. Kabalarians suggests it's a name that's easy-going and refined, and one that attracts people with problems in need of advice or understanding. This is what Fay had suggested to Tear anyway, so I'm going with it. Er... Although it has some negative connotations too, I just wanted a freaking name for Tear's place of employment. If I'm not allowed to do this stuff, tell me now!! Thanks! Also, if anyone is actually interested, I thought we could make a log for it. Doesn't have to be in paragraph form, right? Whatever works.))

[Hymn #23]

May. 25th, 2009 11:42 pm
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All of this is starting to make my head hurt. People are becoming child versions and elder versions of themselves? It's just a little peculiar, but I suppose it could be much worse.

I apologize to everyone who had to put up with my younger self last week. I'm not sure how you all did it, to be frank...

Nevertheless, I've finally obtained a fairly clear sense of direction for a change. When I was little, I apparently made a promise to my brother that I'd find a way to join the Oracle Knights. I'm not sure if I ever kept this promise, but I am capable of controlling seventh fonons (another topic that I'm still fuzzy on, unfortunately), which if nothing else, can be used for healing purposes. I don't seem to be able to control them reliably yet, but perhaps with some practice they could be made useful.

The other thing I've remembered is that the place where I grew up is very different from the way things are in Memento Eden. In the Qliphoth there was no sunshine, and very few plants grew. The only flowers I can even remember were a species that my brother replanted near our home. I believe they were called "selenias". Beyond Yulia City, the world that I knew is covered by a misty substance called "miasma" that stretches out as far as the eye can see like a toxic ocean. How did anyone even manage to survive in a place like that?

Oh well. Mr. Manager? I'm sorry for disappearing. I'll be working extra hard this week to make up for my absence. Rena, I hope you weren't stuck waitressing by yourself...
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[Tear can be found in the cafe's kitchen after hours with a few cookbooks spread out on the countertop among various fruits and other ingredients and garnishes. The light in the front dining room is still on, so there's ample light. Thanks to a suggestion from Fay about trying to recreate tastes from the other residents' home worlds, she's decided to try her hand at *gaspeth!* cooking so that she'll be able to help out. Her current project is a pastry which smells heavily of apples. Apple crisp? Apple pie? Something like that.

(Nothing's burning just so you know. Tear-mun's done her research and guarantees it's edible and at least 'decent'.)

Tear pulls said pastry from the oven. Steam rolls off it and the smell of apples in the cafe doubles.]

I think that should do it...

[Hymn #12]

Apr. 4th, 2009 10:44 pm
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It's mild out and the trees and flowers have begun blooming. It's really very pretty... I think it would be a shame to let such an opportunity pass by.

Would anyone care to go hiking?

[[OOC: I was thinking of making this a log if multiple people are interested? Easier to have a group convo that way, I think. Accompanying log can be found here.]

[Hymn #11]

Apr. 2nd, 2009 07:32 pm
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Something really strange is going on. I could have sworn that today was the first day of the month of "April" according to the calendar system everyone seems to use in Memento Eden, but now it's suddenly the second day?

I realize I've been busy working at the cafe and I stayed up late reading, but I didn't think I was tired enough to sleep through an entire day.

But the strangest part of all is that I get the impression I had a really disturbing dream, yet I can't remember any of it very clearly. What exactly happened? Is this another game the Island is playing with us? Or maybe something else? ...Not ghosts I hope.


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