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[Tear is on break at the cafe. She's out back practicing strikes and blocks with a broom since the manager is making her leave her weapons at home these days (they scare off the costumers, he says). Some of her hair is falling out of her ponytail at this point, and she'll doubtless have to fix it before the manager allows her to go back to waiting tables.

Fighting air isn't quite the same as sparring with Legretta, but at least she can relearn the motions, and at least the movement interrupts her thinking about what Van might be doing back in her own world.]

(I wonder how I can get back. Are hunting down suspicious objects and being present when the island does something strange going to be enough?)


(Van. What are you up to? Who else have you dragged into this?)


(I don't understand. Is this "Score" really such a terrible thing? What is it exactly and why do you hate it so much?)


(I'm so sure there are people around me suffering right now. Rena seemed sad... I need to do something.)

[Swings harder. The motions yanks at the muscles in her arms and forces her to stop.]

[Hymn #24]

Jun. 7th, 2009 12:00 am
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I suppose it isn't my fault that the island has a track record of causing strange and chaotic things to happen, but I do apologize for being equally unpredictable.

I have to wonder why some of us were affected twice and others not at all. Not that I'm complaining, since I might not have remembered my training without it, but it's still a curiosity.

If anyone is actively looking for a way out of Memento Eden, I'd like to offer assistance. It's crucial that I get back to my own world as soon as possible. As much as I dislike the idea of still having amnesia whenever that happens, preventing calamity takes precedence over my own comfort.

[Private, Unhackable.]
I never could understand you, no matter how hard I tried.
Even now I can't even begin to imagine what you must be thinking.


I swear on the blood we share that I will find a way to stop you. As your sister, I cannot allow you to follow through with some plot that might kill thousands of people. I just hope I'm not already too late.

If only I knew more. I can't even remember Major Legretta very clearly, although I'm certain she's following my brother's commands. But, I do specifically recall that they mentioned someone else... Asch, was it? Major Legretta was worried about him getting suspicious. And they were going to send someone named Sync to make sure he didn't interfere. Who are they, and what role do they have in all of this? If they see this Asch person as a threat, he might be a potential ally... if I can convince him. (And if I can find him.) Regardless, I won't be able to do anything until I get back.

I hate feeling so utterly powerless.

[Hymn #23]

May. 25th, 2009 11:42 pm
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All of this is starting to make my head hurt. People are becoming child versions and elder versions of themselves? It's just a little peculiar, but I suppose it could be much worse.

I apologize to everyone who had to put up with my younger self last week. I'm not sure how you all did it, to be frank...

Nevertheless, I've finally obtained a fairly clear sense of direction for a change. When I was little, I apparently made a promise to my brother that I'd find a way to join the Oracle Knights. I'm not sure if I ever kept this promise, but I am capable of controlling seventh fonons (another topic that I'm still fuzzy on, unfortunately), which if nothing else, can be used for healing purposes. I don't seem to be able to control them reliably yet, but perhaps with some practice they could be made useful.

The other thing I've remembered is that the place where I grew up is very different from the way things are in Memento Eden. In the Qliphoth there was no sunshine, and very few plants grew. The only flowers I can even remember were a species that my brother replanted near our home. I believe they were called "selenias". Beyond Yulia City, the world that I knew is covered by a misty substance called "miasma" that stretches out as far as the eye can see like a toxic ocean. How did anyone even manage to survive in a place like that?

Oh well. Mr. Manager? I'm sorry for disappearing. I'll be working extra hard this week to make up for my absence. Rena, I hope you weren't stuck waitressing by yourself...
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(Mun notes: Obligatory cafe post it is. Tear has used the remaining cherry blossoms to try some new recipes which will be served at the cafe for the next week or so. We've got the sakura tea, sakura tea soup (it's a dish with vegetables and rice; adding hot water/tea causes the cherry blossoms that decorate it to bloom, it sounded pretty neat) and sakura mochi (rice cakes). Google them! For the less brave there's a cherry blossom cake that doesn't actually have the flowers cooked into it, but they decorate it for effect. Nothing too complicated, although I can't guarantee the taste - that's up to you. Next time we will be returning to the use of fruit (strawberries and apples, preferably) thanks to suggestions from Mokona and Cooro. And because Tear likes apples (and milk). Apple ice cream maybe? Overachiever. Pfff.)

[So where is she now? Tear's already in her maid waitress uniform about an hour before opening time. The lights are on and the front door is unlocked already. She's sitting at a table near the windows, polishing her weapons and watching her birds twittering around outside. Yes, her birds. (They're not really hers, they're wild birds, but that won't stop her from looking out for them since they're cute.) She appears content, and is probably even smiling a little as she watches them. Basically she's distracted.]


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