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((OOC: I couldn't resist... it seemed amusing.))

By Yulia!

Whose bright idea was it to go punching holes in the apartment building anyway?! It looks like someone must have crashed right through the walls and kept going... Did they even survive all of that?

Normally I'd dismiss it as someone being suicidal a complete idiot, since I really have nothing of value in my room anyway, additionally my weapons were on me at the time...

But you nearly destroyed my present in the process! You know, the one I had to go to that ball to receive, and one of the very few things I even have from home... It's rather important to me...

If I hadn't decided to split it up, you would have succeeded, too!

Agh... Perhaps I've been too careless, but with something like that...

I don't think I'm being at all unfair by demanding an explanation. If you don't turn yourself in properly, I'll find you myself, and I probably won't be very happy when that time comes. I'm not exactly happy right now...

I guess I'll be camping outside until I get everything patched and back in order.

[Just so you know, Tear's reaaaalllly angry. XDD]


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[Private; hackable to friends (if you've interacted with her at least 3-5 times I'd say)]

Mystearica Aura Fende. That's what Misa-Misa said my name was, at least. It seems like it could be correct, judging it against my brother's name. But it makes me wonder if there's a reason besides convenience's sake that I remembered myself simply as "Tear".
I suppose shorter's just easier...

I can't say that I thoroughly understand her abilities, but they do seem useful enough, especially if you worked alongside healers or medics. The more I think about it, though, there really does seem to be a pattern. A lot of the people I've met seem to either have unique abilities, were important where they came from, or both. Perhaps there's a purpose for gathering people with a wide variety of specialties? Well, it's not like anyone can give me an answer. Moving on...

Speaking of people I've met, a lot of those I was introduced to when I first got here have since disappeared. Some people seem worried about that, as if this place is dying, or rather, that it'll "never be born". I don't think this place is dying so much as changing, but I dislike that aspect of it all the same. Disappearing. What happens to a person who disappears... do they appear elsewhere at the same rate and merely get transferred to another place, or is there actually a moment when they no longer exist?


Other than all that, I'm seriously thinking that this might be an ideal time for me to find a pet. ...I'm really sorry about earlier...!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't think I'm allergic to any animals, but it can't be one that would knock over or try to ingest plants now that I've finally succeeded in getting them to bloom properly.
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Right. The flowers need watering, and I should probably sweep up the premises if I have time left over.

[Tear was whittling away some of her pre-work hours. Having hiked up the trail to the Hakurei Shrine, she now stood over a plot of land to the side of the building that had previously been occupied by nothing much more than a muddy hillside and assorted prairie grasses and weeds. Now there were clusters of new green shoots poking up here and there. With some tending and a little time, it seemed like they'd continue to grow and eventually bloom. Tear by no means had a green thumb, but they seemed healthy enough. (Then again, if they started wilting, she could have cheated and used her healing artes on them.)

Tear dug around for a bucket and proceeded to fetch some water for her garden. Her spirits were fairly high and the morning air was doing her a lot of good. She didn't have much musical knowledge to work with, but she didn't expect anyone to bother her here, since it didn't seem like the shrine had ever attracted that many visitors. Therefore she allowed herself to sing softly as she worked - nothing more than a series of wordless notes - without concerning herself over whether or not she'd be overheard.]

((OOC: If you guys missed it, she got some selenia flower seeds as her item. They bloom at night, just so you know.))


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