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Am I the only person who's observing a pattern? I think everyone's overreacting. There's no way all of us were involved in matrimony.

[Private; Unhackable.]
This is absurd! The flood of memories seems far too convenient. It's nearly Valentine's Day, and I'm certain the fact that other people are also remembering "being married" is no coincidence at all. It wouldn't make any sense for the island population to be made up almost entirely of couples; most of us don't even come from the same worlds and


Getting worked up over this is foolish, regardless of how convincing it might have been. It's not real. It's not. It's


...there's obviously something wrong with me.

[[OOC: Cue MAJOR awkward. Tear's trying to remain rational about all this, really, but she's kind of horribly failing at it.]]
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If I'm needed for any reason after normal work hours, I'll be in my room.
The weather isn't very practical for training in any case.

[Private; unhackable.]

It would seem that in the end, my resolve to stop Van wasn't enough.

I couldn't save Akzeriuth.

[[OOC: 1% on arriving in Akzeriuth, finding out the Fonstone was a trap, and Asch subsequently rescuing her, 1% on Akzeriuth's collapse and that she used a fonic hymn to save the party, 1% on said hymn (Force Field), 1% on everyone taking the Tartarus to Yulia City and witnessing the Asch vs Luke battle there. In her universe Asch wins. 4% spent, 4% remaining, 23% total.

Suffice it to say thousands of people died and Tear feels she's partly to blame, although she'll be keeping up a fairly normal outward appearance. Sorry for all the first quarter game spoilers.]]


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