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((OOC: Response to this lovely conversation. I-I'm sorry! XD))

What a truly detestable person.
It's my job to assist civillians, regardless of how unpleasant they may seem, and yet I've never run into one before that was so... entirely unmanageable. It's as if he behaves that way on purpose. Why would anyone?

Perhaps I need more training.

... [Sigh]

No, I definitely need more training.


April 1.
We never did determine what happened; it leaves me to wonder if it will be the same this time.

Easter's approaching quickly as well. Come to think of it, would anyone mind accompanying me on a shopping trip? Mr. Shinigami showed me an Easter tradition during my first half-year on the island and I'd... like to repeat the procedure if at all possible.

((OOC: The tradition was painting Easter eggs just as an FYI.))
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((OOC: I couldn't resist... it seemed amusing.))

By Yulia!

Whose bright idea was it to go punching holes in the apartment building anyway?! It looks like someone must have crashed right through the walls and kept going... Did they even survive all of that?

Normally I'd dismiss it as someone being suicidal a complete idiot, since I really have nothing of value in my room anyway, additionally my weapons were on me at the time...

But you nearly destroyed my present in the process! You know, the one I had to go to that ball to receive, and one of the very few things I even have from home... It's rather important to me...

If I hadn't decided to split it up, you would have succeeded, too!

Agh... Perhaps I've been too careless, but with something like that...

I don't think I'm being at all unfair by demanding an explanation. If you don't turn yourself in properly, I'll find you myself, and I probably won't be very happy when that time comes. I'm not exactly happy right now...

I guess I'll be camping outside until I get everything patched and back in order.

[Just so you know, Tear's reaaaalllly angry. XDD]


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