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It's... ironic that I should happen to remember something about the knives I carry.

[Private; hackable.]
For a long time I had wanted to attend the Oracle Knights training school in Daath, but neither Grandfather nor Van would hear anything of it. Instead, they hired a private tutor to teach me what I would need to know about fighting.

I was incredibly ungrateful at the time. My attitude towards Major Legretta and my lessons was completely disgraceful. However, there was an incident. Someone had used a knife issued by the Order of Lorelei to slaughter a neighbor's rappigs. Since no one could be found who used throwing knives except for myself, Grandfather told me to apologize in their place even though I wasn't responsible for what happened.

It was Major Legretta who stood up for me. She said that I shouldn't have to apologize for something that I had no blame in and proceeded to trace and capture the true culprit. Even though Major Legretta insisted that she didn't do so for my sake, she had gained my admiration. I felt ashamed for my earlier actions and decided that I would devote myself to my training.

[Private; unhackable. )

((OOC: Sorry for the Tear spam. And I need to write up another Meer entry, too, but Tear hasn't remembered anything in a while, so there you go. 1% spent on her first meeting(s) with Legretta, her instructor, 1% spent on the battle with her at Deo Pass en route to Akzeriuth; 19% total spent, 5% remaining.))
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[Tear was up at the crack of dawn as per usual, walking off some lingering traces of sleep, getting a feel for whether or not anything was amiss out of doors, and proceeding to hike a little ways off the path to do her ritual morning training. It wasn't particularly necessary, but it was the norm for her, and something familiar. It made sense. And she certainly wasn't going to complain that she had remembered artes in the process. It was almost ridiculous how something so simple as running through her most basic artes could fill her with relief. She yanked one of her knives out of the trunk of a large cedar tree and checked along its edge for any nicks or scratches.]

Well, this might be a small improvement at the very least.

((OOC: I actually had a nice plotty entry written up, but we'll save it for another time. 1% on her base and arcane artes - Pow Hammer, Nocturnal Light, Severed Fate (hey, look, her username!), and Banishing Sorrow. She can also use FOFs, if FOFs are possible here. 17% used, 1% remaining.))
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((OOC: Get ready for some major filter abuse and tl;dr. The margins, additionally, are scattered with clusters of notes from her combat trainings and teachings with various people written in a small script which is nearly impossible to read without the aid of a magnifying glass.

There's notes about adjusting her aim, strategies for dealing with enemies attacking from the air, approximations about how long it takes for fonons to gather in one area, and ideas for how to test the limits of hyperresonance. If anyone wants to arpee any of this stuff out, poke me, otherwise I'll just assume it's happened/been happening all along to avoid plot holes. Because they make driving dangerous.))

[Private; unhackable; cut for your convenience.] )

[Private; hackable to friends.]
As for the ceremony or festival...? at the shrine, for Fay's sake I hope it goes well, but I can't help wondering just how wise it is to try to catch the island's attention. Enough strange things take place without trying to coax them out.

And why does everything seem to involve dancing?
Singing I could understand, but dancing... I'm not very good at it.

Fay's planning an event of some kind at the Hakurei Shrine. It'd be nice if everyone could give him support, since he seems to have been working diligently to prepare for it.


[And the last sentence is completed scratched out. Feel free to imagine what it might have said. Or ask, not that you'd get a straight answer. Actually, guess right on the first try and I'll totally bake cookies for you.]
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[It was the usual scene: Tear wandering around out of doors late in the evening. The melodist had been growing increasingly restless, and the easiest solution to quelling that uneasiness was to train her body to become stronger. Besides, she had requested sparring partners and Luke was expecting her to be able to teach him. If Tear didn't come to understand her own abilities better, she'd be hindering everyone else. Tear, as a soldier and as a person, did not want to slow anyone down.

Tear paused in an open area free of people, extending her staff so that it was parallel to the ground. She made sure her breath was even, shutting out everything around her in order to sense even the slightest of vibrations in the air. She focused, drawing those vibrations - particles of sound, towards herself.

To the average onlooker with any knack for magic, it probably looked like she was charging up magic in order to cast a spell. Rather than chanting a traditional incantation, however, Tear sang a short verse.]

♪ Croix Ryo Croix Nevu Tsuae Rei Croix Ryo Tsuae Rei Va ♪

Grand Cross!

[Some distance away, where empty, darkening air had been moments before, the space exploded into blooming light, forming the unmistakable shape of an ornamental cross.]
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[Tear is on break at the cafe. She's out back practicing strikes and blocks with a broom since the manager is making her leave her weapons at home these days (they scare off the costumers, he says). Some of her hair is falling out of her ponytail at this point, and she'll doubtless have to fix it before the manager allows her to go back to waiting tables.

Fighting air isn't quite the same as sparring with Legretta, but at least she can relearn the motions, and at least the movement interrupts her thinking about what Van might be doing back in her own world.]

(I wonder how I can get back. Are hunting down suspicious objects and being present when the island does something strange going to be enough?)


(Van. What are you up to? Who else have you dragged into this?)


(I don't understand. Is this "Score" really such a terrible thing? What is it exactly and why do you hate it so much?)


(I'm so sure there are people around me suffering right now. Rena seemed sad... I need to do something.)

[Swings harder. The motions yanks at the muscles in her arms and forces her to stop.]


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