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[It's around closing time at Cafe Demois and if any of the remaining customers were taking note, one of the waitresses was not being her usual polite and proper self. Actually, she was being especially quiet. Had she looked anyone in the eye recently or asked if they needed another cup of tea or a coffee? Well, probably not.

In fact, Tear had been scrubbing on the same table for precisely twelve minutes and eighteen seconds. There was the lingering issue of the recent disappearances of several friends to be sure, but there was also
that... Well, at least with a little time, she could only assume the latter would simply go away.

She is obviously preoccupied with her thoughts. The table, on the other hand, is a gleaming piece of work. It probably hasn't been this clean in months, if ever. Interrupt? Yes / No]
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[Private; unhackable]
So, I was right. On the one hand I'm not terribly surprised that I had met him before, but, on the other I find it a little hard to believe that a person could change so much. I guess it's possible over time if given strong motives, but if a considerable amount of time has passed since then (and it must have been a while ago, a change like that doesn't occur overnight), it may already be too late for me to stop Van. I really don't even want to consider that, but if someone from the Outer Lands is still alive, then... I really don't know. There isn't much use in speculating without more conclusive information. I'll have to wait.

I suppose there are other ways of looking at it, though. For instance, at least I made it to the Outer Lands. Van was always against me going there. I'm not really sure why, but he was adamant about me staying in Yulia City. He didn't even want me to attend training school in Daath, come to think of it.

Still, I did promise to return Luke to Baticul. Even if it's not my fault that he ended up in Memento Eden, it's still my responsibility to get him back home.

[Filtered to Fay; hackable by others]
Fay, could I have a word with you? It has to do with what we were discussing at the shrine a few weeks ago. There's no rush.

It seems like the island kept its promise about returning memories to those who attended the Tanabata ball. Somehow, I feel a little relieved...

((OOC: 1% on Tataroo Valley (part one), excluding anything related to her missing item. 7% total regain. I'm assuming it's okay for me to go ahead and post this, right?))
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[Tear can be found in the cafe's kitchen after hours with a few cookbooks spread out on the countertop among various fruits and other ingredients and garnishes. The light in the front dining room is still on, so there's ample light. Thanks to a suggestion from Fay about trying to recreate tastes from the other residents' home worlds, she's decided to try her hand at *gaspeth!* cooking so that she'll be able to help out. Her current project is a pastry which smells heavily of apples. Apple crisp? Apple pie? Something like that.

(Nothing's burning just so you know. Tear-mun's done her research and guarantees it's edible and at least 'decent'.)

Tear pulls said pastry from the oven. Steam rolls off it and the smell of apples in the cafe doubles.]

I think that should do it...

[Hymn #14]

Apr. 10th, 2009 10:51 pm
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I was browsing through some of the reference books in the library and came across a mention of some holiday that is presumably celebrated around this time.

Does anyone have this "Easter" where they come from?
If so, what's it like? I'm curious.

[Hymn #12]

Apr. 4th, 2009 10:44 pm
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It's mild out and the trees and flowers have begun blooming. It's really very pretty... I think it would be a shame to let such an opportunity pass by.

Would anyone care to go hiking?

[[OOC: I was thinking of making this a log if multiple people are interested? Easier to have a group convo that way, I think. Accompanying log can be found here.]


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