nightcrossed: (Alert)
2010-02-21 11:18 pm

First Stanza | [text]

[[OOC: I am going to assume that Tear is now staying at the Iriela apartments, same as Luke, Natalia, and I'm guessing Anise as well. If you feel the need to discuss details and whatnot, feel free to shoot me an IM/PM. Neither of us are terribly picky.]]

It would seem that the thunderstorms and the rain have finally started to dissipate. To be honest, I was surprised that the city even experiences "weather". Though this has given me enough time to decipher the keys on this device, which share a nearly one-to-one translation ratio to the fonic alphabet, I've unfortunately been unable to discover a great deal about Paixao itself or potential routes home. This will no doubt require much more thorough investigation.

In any case, I see little point in filling out forms to obtain citizenship, considering I have no desire to take up permanent residence here.