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[Private; hackable to friends.]

((OOC: Response to this lovely conversation. I-I'm sorry! XD))

What a truly detestable person.
It's my job to assist civillians, regardless of how unpleasant they may seem, and yet I've never run into one before that was so... entirely unmanageable. It's as if he behaves that way on purpose. Why would anyone?

Perhaps I need more training.

... [Sigh]

No, I definitely need more training.


April 1.
We never did determine what happened; it leaves me to wonder if it will be the same this time.

Easter's approaching quickly as well. Come to think of it, would anyone mind accompanying me on a shopping trip? Mr. Shinigami showed me an Easter tradition during my first half-year on the island and I'd... like to repeat the procedure if at all possible.

((OOC: The tradition was painting Easter eggs just as an FYI.))
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Am I the only person who's observing a pattern? I think everyone's overreacting. There's no way all of us were involved in matrimony.

[Private; Unhackable.]
This is absurd! The flood of memories seems far too convenient. It's nearly Valentine's Day, and I'm certain the fact that other people are also remembering "being married" is no coincidence at all. It wouldn't make any sense for the island population to be made up almost entirely of couples; most of us don't even come from the same worlds and


Getting worked up over this is foolish, regardless of how convincing it might have been. It's not real. It's not. It's


...there's obviously something wrong with me.

[[OOC: Cue MAJOR awkward. Tear's trying to remain rational about all this, really, but she's kind of horribly failing at it.]]
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[Assume this was written after the snow thread, please. I can happily edit this if anyone else would like to participate.]

Ah... Before I forget: Nall, X. Thank you. I had a good time. Perhaps we can enjoy the weather again sometime.

Well then. Another one of those Earth holidays appears to be coming up soon. Nothing incredibly strange has happened for some time, which leads me to believe that it just might. I could be wrong, however. I hope I am wrong...

At first everything seemed to roughly follow a pattern in regards to "events" and regaining memories, but recently this hasn't been the case. I've also noticed that I've been remembering things at a considerably faster rate than I was months ago. I wonder how much longer...

Regardless, I still have far more questions than I do answers, so I would assume that I haven't made as much progress as I would like to think. Though, I suppose, one can hardly call it "progress" when it requires no effort on our part.

[Filtered from Ari.]

The more I think about it, the less sense any of this makes. What could anyone be gaining by taking memories away from other individuals? Whatever the reason, I can't imagine that the results are turning out to be particularly favorable.

I also have to wonder if the shopkeepers might provide some sort of clue. Getting them to speak, however, might prove easier said than done. They are cats after all.

[Private; unhackable.] )

[OOC: Let's get this chick caught up with remembering stuff that actually happened DURING the game. 2% on all remaining backstory (Major Cantabile, more of Van and his crazy visions of grandeur). 1% on actually breaking into the Fabre mansion. 3% remaining. 27% total.]
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[Private; unhackable; cut for length/canon recap/spoilers.] )

It's been rather quiet since the new year started. I suppose that's not so surprising, given the temperature.

I've been reading again and had a question: Is snow commonplace in other worlds, and, if so, how is it handled? What I mean is: do people participate in activities and games when there's snow, or do they merely clear it out of the streets and move on?

Suffice it to say, in my hometown, we don't have snow. Although we do have lightning.

[OOC: Major tl;dr, I know. I was bored at work again. 1% on the "hair divorce" as some people like to call it. 3% remaining, 24% total used.]
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If there is anyone who still requires assistance, do not hesitate to ask one of us. I have helped to start a number of controlled fires in the general vicinity. These should aid in generating warm air and providing areas for cooking food or boiling water. They may also serve to deter some of the wild animals. Please use standard fire precautions and keep a bucket of water nearby at all times just in case the flames should become too difficult to handle. If anyone sustains injury and there is not an island healer immediately on hand, you are welcome to come to me and I'll do what I can. That's all.

[Hymn #23]

May. 25th, 2009 11:42 pm
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All of this is starting to make my head hurt. People are becoming child versions and elder versions of themselves? It's just a little peculiar, but I suppose it could be much worse.

I apologize to everyone who had to put up with my younger self last week. I'm not sure how you all did it, to be frank...

Nevertheless, I've finally obtained a fairly clear sense of direction for a change. When I was little, I apparently made a promise to my brother that I'd find a way to join the Oracle Knights. I'm not sure if I ever kept this promise, but I am capable of controlling seventh fonons (another topic that I'm still fuzzy on, unfortunately), which if nothing else, can be used for healing purposes. I don't seem to be able to control them reliably yet, but perhaps with some practice they could be made useful.

The other thing I've remembered is that the place where I grew up is very different from the way things are in Memento Eden. In the Qliphoth there was no sunshine, and very few plants grew. The only flowers I can even remember were a species that my brother replanted near our home. I believe they were called "selenias". Beyond Yulia City, the world that I knew is covered by a misty substance called "miasma" that stretches out as far as the eye can see like a toxic ocean. How did anyone even manage to survive in a place like that?

Oh well. Mr. Manager? I'm sorry for disappearing. I'll be working extra hard this week to make up for my absence. Rena, I hope you weren't stuck waitressing by yourself...
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So, at first I was really scared when I found myself in the Outer Lands, but I've made a lot of friends already! I hope Van doesn't get too mad at me. I wonder if he's really looking for me. He's busy, so maybe he hasn't even seen that I'm gone yet.

I thought perhaps maybe this was Daath, but it isn't. It's called "Memento Eden". I wonder where that is? I've never heard of it before.

Even though I love my new friends very much, only one person seemed to know who Van was. He said he was my brother's student, but he was too busy to help me or something like that. I still don't know his name, so if this is rude, I'm really sorry! His name was Sir Luke. I guess it's okay if Van doesn't come find me yet, because we're all going to work together to find a way back to our homes and beat the mean kidnappers, right? Does anyone know who the mean people are? I haven't seen anyone like that yet.

I always thought being kidnapped and being lost was a bad thing, but this is really fun! I met Rika and Mokona and Nall and lots of other people! And then I got my "sebbenth fomoms" to work again when I found a little boy in trouble! He said because I was nice and healed him that I might be an angel. I'm not sure what an angel is exactly, but they seem really wonderful! I wouldn't mind being one if I could still join the "Orickles" and be a knight like Van! ♥ Because I want to help people in trouble no matter what!! Come to think of it... Maybe the healers are angels? Maybe I should have gone to see them sooner instead of playing in the apartments.

Wuahh... there's so much I don't know about the Outer Lands...

But I really want to pick flowers to give Van when I go home, just like Rika suggested! It'd be really fun to play in the grass and sing and look at the pretty flowers. If Van was here he'd sing to me, but I don't remember how it goes... Does anyone know any songs?
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W-wuahhh!! Wh-where?? That bright ball is a sun, right? The sky is so big and clear and wonderful! There's no "meyazma" anywhere... It's all clean! And the flowers! There are big ones and small ones and there are so many colors! It hurts my eyes a little, but it is so very pretty!

S-so... this... this is the Outer Lands!! It is the Outer Lands, right? I wanted to know what it was like! This is so amazing!

But... I got here how?

Wahhh... but!! But Van told me not to go to the Outer Lands, and Grandfather did, too! I'm dead! I will be in such big trouble! If they find out they'll toss me into the "meyazma" and I will never be able to join the "Orickles"! I can't let that happen!!

And there is nobody... nobody...

[She cups her small hands around her mouth and calls out in a high-pitched child's voice.]

........Brother? Are you there?

.....Big Brother?!!!!


Where are you? It's too big!! I'm scared! I'm really scared, Van!! Big Brother?! BIG BROTHER!!! VANDESDELCA!!!

[And five-year-old Tear takes off running at full speed in a random direction. If any people are in her way she will plow right into them. Not that it would hurt very much. Moeblobs tend to be soft and harmless, and Tear is definitely both right now. She also sounds like she inhaled helium. She's soft-spoken and squeaky. Only other info I can think of mentioning is that she can use simple healing abilities, but, it would probably be by accident, since she hasn't been taught how to control fonons/use her fon slots yet.]

((From this tier she's keeping 1% on the scene where she uses the seventh fonon on a selenia flower which leads to her promising to join the Oracle Knights "Orickles" to be with Van, 1% on the Qliphoth/Yulia City. The other 3% will be used in the last tier.))

*Edit: switched out most instances of "Niisan" for the English equivalent.


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