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[Tear cautiously steps into the room and is immediately amazed. Tables and chairs have been pushed into corners to create a spacious dance floor, and the dimmed lights reflect off streamers and other decorations; it's truly beautiful.]

[Unfortunately, this does little for her nerves. The girls may have insisted that she come, but looking down at herself and the pastel blue dress they had assured would look nice on her, Tear can't help but feel immensely self-conscious.]

[It takes a moment, but Tear finally notices she has company. Fighting to hide her discomfort, she offers a polite smile.]
Oh- Good evening. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was still standing in the doorway.


[A loud clashing can be heard as Tear's staff comes into contact with the rock face of a golem. This isn't working as well as she would like, and she's forced to withdraw the weapon and retreat back a few paces. The melodist can now understand the importance of heeding the warnings. Taking down the monsters who live beyond the city limits will be no easy task, especially for someone possessing only the most basic combat knowledge. Even if that knowledge had been more extensive at one point, it's doing her little good now.]

It's not sustaining enough damage from physical attacks, and it doesn't seem to be leaving. We'll have to try something else!
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Name: Cherry
Personal LJ: [ profile] cherryfox
Contact Info:
Email: nightcrossed[at]gmail[dot]com
AIM: Platinum Ryou

Character Name: Tear Grants (formally Mystearica Aura Fende)
Character Series: Tales of the Abyss
Background: If you need more background info, I can direct you to some self-written tealdear.

Personality: For Tear, once she's given herself to a particular goal, she invests her all. Having decided to follow her brother into the military, Tear studies and trains seriously, determined to become "the perfect soldier", though this mindset tends to distance her from the people she's sworn to protect.

Tear is very attached to her brother, and it's no surprise considering that Van is the one who raised her and taught her most of what she would need to know. After their initial clash, Tear also becomes quite fond of her instructor, Legretta, who seems to share in her respect for Van, and manages to provide a woman's viewpoint that Tear had never had in her life before. If something involves her brother, there's very little that can get in Tear's way, and it's due to this that Tear finds herself breaking into a noble house in an attempt to assassinate him. (Whoa, wait?!) Not at all. Tear decides that as his sister, it's her job to stop Van from realizing his plan to destroy the world and replace it with a giant replica, even if it kills the both of them.

Sometimes Tear gets a little too hung up on appearing strong. For example, while operating the passage rings, Tear's body was actually absorbing miasma along with seventh fonons and it was poisoning her. Rather than bringing this up to her companions, they don't find out about it until Tear pretty much faints on the spot.

In her heart Tear's actually very feminine, being attracted by cute animals, objects, and clothes. Because of her role as a soldier, however, she tries to snuff out all traces of this, even claiming that others don't need to think of her as a young woman. She is also afraid of ghosts; fighting monsters is one thing, but don't expect her to revel in scary stories. Rather, she'll most likely remove herself from the room.

Sample Entry:
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If you were a member of [ profile] memento_eden, you may wish to friend_remove this journal as Tear is going to be re-apped into another game shortly.
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I can't say I feel that one's attire reflects his or her morality...

Honestly. I never considered the possibility of my uniform being deemed inappropriate... Though, I... I suppose it could... And besides, the styles here are far too elaborate. I don't think they'd suit me particularly well. However, someone like Natalia...
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- Obtain more information about the city.
- Pay special attention to technology, laboratory facilities, and research being conducted.
- Inquire about monster sightings and their frequency.
- Search for "doors".
- Get to know other "off-worlders" better; withhold all but the most basic personal information.
- Purchase groceries; low on milk, flour, vegetables.
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I feel as though I should be following the elections more closely, but at the same time, I know so little about the candidates, that any contribution on my part would be irresponsible and ill-informed.

However, I have discovered something of relative interest. It appears that many languages have developed their own figurative terms and phrases. Simply put: "slang".

Unfortunately, some of their meanings still escape me.

Could anyone possibly explain a "chica", "buzz hype", or a "homeslice"...?
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[A note stuck in the very back of Tear's journal.]

Luke, thank you for everything.

I'll be waiting for you when you come home. I promise.

((OOC: Last one, guys. (1:42 - 4:26). 37% total.))
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[Yes, this one's actually public.]

From Tataroo Valley plans were made to take a coach back to the capital, but things didn't happen accordingly.

For one, the hyperresonance had transported us further than I had originally suspected, and we were no longer in the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, but the Malkuth Empire instead. The capital that the coachman had agreed to drive us to was in actuality Grand Chokmah.

For another, a group of bandits called "The Dark Wings" were being chased across the terrain by a Malkuth land dreadnaught (the same we would later travel on, The Tartarus). During the crossfire, the bandits managed to blow a hole in the Rotelro Bridge, which would have been the fastest return route to Baticul.

Instead of continuing on in the wrong direction, we decided to stop in Engeve, a small hamlet known for its produce. This was where we first met Colonel Jade Curtiss of Malkuth, Fon Master Ion, and Fon Master Guardian Anise Tatlin, who would later accompany us... ... not continuously, but frequently; I can't be sure for how long...

After a particular incident, it was discovered that cheagles were stealing food from the local storehouses. We... ... it was decided that we would investigate the matter further.

[Private; Hackable to Any.]
It's strange to think how one careless mistake can lead to so much. How different would things have been if none of such blunders had ever happened?

((OOC: 2% on coach ride to and time spent in Engeve. 36% total spent. None remaining.))
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[Nathan's "unicorn" comments had at least warranted a look around the stables. Tear had seen plenty of interesting creatures, but the horses and the winged horses (called "pegasi" or singularly a "pegasus") were somewhat new. It was hard not to like creatures that would willingly trot up and take apples or carrots out of the palm of her hand. (Not that she was spoiling them or anything! She'd only brought a handful of apple slices yesterday - and it wasn't as if she could resist; the animals seemed both charming and intelligent.) Apparently they were riding animals; Tear had never ridden any sort of animal before, not even during her training, but the prospect was somewhat intriguing.

This afternoon, however, she was forgoing apple slices and instead waiting around for Guts. Perhaps she'd learn a thing or two about proper riding form by watching him.]

They move as if they haven't a single care in the world.

((OOC: This will use up 1% on Tataroo Valley part deux, leaving 1% left and 34% total used.))
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I'm sure this goes without saying, but please refrain from feeding the bears. If you're in possession of food, store it away so that it isn't lying out in the open. The last thing we need is to attract these creatures further or to encourage aggressive behavior.

Remember, they're wild animals - not pets.
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[Private; hackable to friends.]

((OOC: Response to this lovely conversation. I-I'm sorry! XD))

What a truly detestable person.
It's my job to assist civillians, regardless of how unpleasant they may seem, and yet I've never run into one before that was so... entirely unmanageable. It's as if he behaves that way on purpose. Why would anyone?

Perhaps I need more training.

... [Sigh]

No, I definitely need more training.


April 1.
We never did determine what happened; it leaves me to wonder if it will be the same this time.

Easter's approaching quickly as well. Come to think of it, would anyone mind accompanying me on a shopping trip? Mr. Shinigami showed me an Easter tradition during my first half-year on the island and I'd... like to repeat the procedure if at all possible.

((OOC: The tradition was painting Easter eggs just as an FYI.))
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...perhaps I should catch up on my reading. I don't know a great deal about gatherings like this.

Private; unhackable. )

["Trust us"? Tear thinks not, but she isn't taking any chances. She slipped the note into her pocket, took it off to an out-of-the-way place near the shrine, tacked it into the grass with one of her knives, and set about destroying it with a fonic arte.]

That should be sufficient.

[Returns to her self-imposed shrine chores, since there's no one else around to do it, plus her garden needs weeding.]

((2% from event on Shurrey Hill and the preceding conversation with Teodoro = lots and lots of technobabble. 1% remaining, 33% total used.))
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To be honest, there isn't a great deal to report.

I'm unsure if this will benefit anyone besides myself, but I've managed to remember a fair number of fonic artes recently. In general world terms I suppose that translates to "magic spells". I prefer not to call them that, since there's nothing particularly fantastical about fonic artes (they can be explained, more or less, scientifically), but seeing as there are so many different words for similar concepts, I suppose that will suffice.

[[OOC: I'm so indecisive it's not even funny anymore. 2% on Novice and Mid/High Fonic Artes. 31% used, 1% remaining.]]

[OOC] Artes

Mar. 1st, 2010 11:22 am
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Thought I might be needing this copy-pasta in the not-so distant future.

One must fight to live. )
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[[OOC: I am going to assume that Tear is now staying at the Iriela apartments, same as Luke, Natalia, and I'm guessing Anise as well. If you feel the need to discuss details and whatnot, feel free to shoot me an IM/PM. Neither of us are terribly picky.]]

It would seem that the thunderstorms and the rain have finally started to dissipate. To be honest, I was surprised that the city even experiences "weather". Though this has given me enough time to decipher the keys on this device, which share a nearly one-to-one translation ratio to the fonic alphabet, I've unfortunately been unable to discover a great deal about Paixao itself or potential routes home. This will no doubt require much more thorough investigation.

In any case, I see little point in filling out forms to obtain citizenship, considering I have no desire to take up permanent residence here.
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...just as I thought. Although it would appear these events continue to make less and less sense with time. Wh-what am I even supposed to do with a wedding dress? ...this is embarrassing...

[Private; Hackable.]
I'm quite certain it was around that time. Luke and I went to speak to Grandfather about St. Binah. He seemed quite sure that St. Binah wasn't in danger because there was nothing concerning it written in the Score. Grandfather suggested that we take the Yulia Road back to the Outer Lands if there was any doubt left in our minds. Suffice it to say, we did just that. The Yulia Road connects to the Outer Lands on the Padamiyan continent in Aramis Spring. When we arrived, Guy was waiting for us (to be more specific, he had apparently left Asch and the others to come back for Luke). The Colonel was also there, but for entirely different reasons. After some persuasion, we all headed for Daath to see to a more immediate problem.

[Private; Unhackable.]
So both Akzeriuth and Hod were simply allowed to collapse because their destruction was foretold in the Score?

Grand Maestro Mohs was always dedicated to the fulfillment of the Score. ...he truly intends to start a war between the Malkuth Empire and the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear. I didn't want to believe it, but to kidnap Fon Master Ion and Princess Natalia... There's no doubt left in my mind.

It all falls back on the Score. Even if the Score promises prosperity, should we really just stand by and allow decisions to be made for us? To become spectators?

I can't accept this.

[OOC: 2% on speaking with Teodoro about the Closed Score, returning to the Outer Lands via the Yulia Road, and meeting up with Guy and Jade at Aramis Spring. 2% remaining; 29% total used. Lloyd tl;dr post coming... eventually.]
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This is pathetic...

[Tear stood, the back of her palm hovering about an inch in front of Luke's door, prepared to knock, but not quite bringing herself to do so.

She had not been having a particularly lovely week. No matter how much she told herself this was all some kind of a trick the island was playing on everyone, she couldn't stop thinking about it. Things would have gone much more smoothly if the memory hadn't been so... happy. Tear wasn't here because of all that, or at least that was what she choose to believe. She felt a little bad for him; he was still her friend after all, and he'd stuck with her since the very beginning - for almost a year now. Valentine's Day didn't have to be over-the-top, did it? Either way, she didn't particularly see anything wrong with gratitude.]

((Anyone who wants to embarrass/interrogate her is free to do so.))
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Am I the only person who's observing a pattern? I think everyone's overreacting. There's no way all of us were involved in matrimony.

[Private; Unhackable.]
This is absurd! The flood of memories seems far too convenient. It's nearly Valentine's Day, and I'm certain the fact that other people are also remembering "being married" is no coincidence at all. It wouldn't make any sense for the island population to be made up almost entirely of couples; most of us don't even come from the same worlds and


Getting worked up over this is foolish, regardless of how convincing it might have been. It's not real. It's not. It's


...there's obviously something wrong with me.

[[OOC: Cue MAJOR awkward. Tear's trying to remain rational about all this, really, but she's kind of horribly failing at it.]]
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[Assume this was written after the snow thread, please. I can happily edit this if anyone else would like to participate.]

Ah... Before I forget: Nall, X. Thank you. I had a good time. Perhaps we can enjoy the weather again sometime.

Well then. Another one of those Earth holidays appears to be coming up soon. Nothing incredibly strange has happened for some time, which leads me to believe that it just might. I could be wrong, however. I hope I am wrong...

At first everything seemed to roughly follow a pattern in regards to "events" and regaining memories, but recently this hasn't been the case. I've also noticed that I've been remembering things at a considerably faster rate than I was months ago. I wonder how much longer...

Regardless, I still have far more questions than I do answers, so I would assume that I haven't made as much progress as I would like to think. Though, I suppose, one can hardly call it "progress" when it requires no effort on our part.

[Filtered from Ari.]

The more I think about it, the less sense any of this makes. What could anyone be gaining by taking memories away from other individuals? Whatever the reason, I can't imagine that the results are turning out to be particularly favorable.

I also have to wonder if the shopkeepers might provide some sort of clue. Getting them to speak, however, might prove easier said than done. They are cats after all.

[Private; unhackable.] )

[OOC: Let's get this chick caught up with remembering stuff that actually happened DURING the game. 2% on all remaining backstory (Major Cantabile, more of Van and his crazy visions of grandeur). 1% on actually breaking into the Fabre mansion. 3% remaining. 27% total.]


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