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[Private; unhackable; cut for length/canon recap/spoilers.] )

It's been rather quiet since the new year started. I suppose that's not so surprising, given the temperature.

I've been reading again and had a question: Is snow commonplace in other worlds, and, if so, how is it handled? What I mean is: do people participate in activities and games when there's snow, or do they merely clear it out of the streets and move on?

Suffice it to say, in my hometown, we don't have snow. Although we do have lightning.

[OOC: Major tl;dr, I know. I was bored at work again. 1% on the "hair divorce" as some people like to call it. 3% remaining, 24% total used.]
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[Private; unhackable]
None of this makes any sense.

Perhaps the issue of hyperresonance can be explained, at least.
From what I remember, the Score is a very important aspect of our society. It's like a prophecy... as long as the Score is followed, you can expect the future written within the Score to be carried out. In fact, the Oracle Knights are the military branch of the Order of Lorelei. Our overall goal is in making sure that the Score is protected and followed, as well as maintaining peace. As for myself, I'm a subordinate to Grand Maestro Mohs, and a member of the Intelligence Division's first platoon. The reason I was sent to the Outer Lands was to locate the Seventh Fonstone on which is written a part of the Score that describes the future of Auldrant. For quite obvious reasons, this Fonstone and others like it are invaluable.

Of course, that wasn't my only reason for going to the Outer Lands... What I had really hoped to do was locate Van and stop him from carrying out his agenda.

In any case, I remembered reading a part of the Score contained on a fragment of the Sixth Fonstone. It mentioned a 'scion of Lorelei's power', and from the description, it sounded like it was talking about Luke. With an organization called the "Order of Lorelei", Lorelei must be very important, and likely related to the Score somehow. I'm not entirely sure what Lorelei is, but if Lorelei's power is related to the seventh fonon, then it might explain why Luke can perform a hyperresonance on his own. Some seventh fonists are Scorers, so the possibility exists... The Score itself seems something like a recording of the planet's history.

But that's not the problem. Why is Asch remembering the same name and background that Luke has? There can't possibly be two Lukes... and Ion even said that Asch the Bloody was a member of a group of individuals known as the God Generals.

I don't understand what's going on.
Apparently I traveled with Luke, but the person that I remember...

...does anyone play chess? I... was just thinking that we used to really enjoy Rika's games, but after she disappeared, everyone quit playing them.
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[Tear had just recently discovered something she hated even more than ghosts: alcohol.
If the hangover didn't kill her now, the not remembering exactly what she had been doing during that too-long period of time would. She thought she remembered a few things, but none of it was incredibly comforting. Maybe no one else would remember either. She could certainly pretend that she didn't just fine. But as for the other parties in question...

But that didn't matter. She was hungover, and she had work today. Luckily, there were breaks, and as soon as she could, she sank down into a chair looking much like a wilting flower. The sun was too bright, customers all seemed to be shouting at her, and she felt exhausted and sick because she hadn't slept for more than a few hours. She had never been more grateful for a steaming cup of NORMAL tea. The idea of sitting like this for the rest of the day was far too tempting. Not that she would; the cafe was short-handed again; as soon as break time was over, she'd be back on her feet.]


[Tear dug around in her apron and produced her journal and a pen and began writing down something as she remembered it. This bold part is about the equivalent of a public journal entry.]

ND2000. In Kimlasca shall be born the scion of Lorelei's power. He will be of royal blood with hair of red. He shall be called "The Light of the Sacred Flame" and he will lead Kimlasca-Lanvaldear to new prosperity.

ND2018. The young scion of Lorelei's power shall bring his people to the miner's city. There

[Stops writing. This is not helping her headache very much at all.]

...that's it?

[OOC: We now return to your regularly scheduled Tear. 1% on Tear's rank under Grand Maestro Mohs and her mission to find the Seventh Fonstone, 1% on her reading the Sixth Fonstone in Baticul. Essentially she now has some idea of what the Score is. 11% total used, 3% remaining from Oktoberfest.]


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