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[Tear is standing in the middle of her room right after this thread, wearing an outfit that she would not normally be caught dead in, simply because her closet is overflowing with revealing garments which she most certainly did not buy herself, and she can't find her normal clothes, since she only has a few of those. She is almost visibly bristling, as if her hair has started to stand on end.]

Wh-- W-what is this?!

[Anybody nearby can probably hear.]

...wait... Wait a minute...

[Oh and it starts to click into place, but Tear's just getting even more agitated. Her tail starts lashing and her ears are twitching. Wait... wait a minute... this isn't quite right.]

((OOC: I'll explain, I'm stealing the catgirl antics from Tokyo Mew Mew. If Tear gets embarrassed/scared/flustered, her cat ears and tail will pop out. If you really freak her out, she'll turn completely into a cat. If you turn her into a cat, the only way she can return to normal is if she gets kissed (or licked, nosed, etc) by a human or another animal. This is totally how it works in shoujo manga, I didn't make it up. XD She'll also have a few cat-like tendencies... moodiness, "-nya"-ing, well, use your imagination. Have fun? *bricked*))
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[True to her job, Tear unenthusiastically tacks another of those fliers up on the cafe's bulletin board, only this one is short and to the point. She takes a few step backwards, suppressing a groan and filtering back into the crowd - well, it's not a huge crowd, but at least there are enough people around that she doesn't have to be the center of attention (hopefully), and she might have otherwise, seeing as her manager had ordered them all new uniforms for the height of summer in varying sunny, warm colors. Tear folded her arms in front of herself. There was no point in fighting this, was there? She'd just have to go along with this whole date thing, since it was part of her job, and thus her duty as a waitress... not that she really bought that explanation for a minute, but it made it slightly more bearable.]


[Tear's attention strayed as she scanned the crowd.]

[[OOC: Here are the results. I double-checked the numbers and for the people who scored the same amount, I rolled another set of dice. Only the top three matter. Everyone else will be getting free desserts. However, the manager's probably going to try to convince Rika to be the cafe's mascot or something, since she was playing the cute card the whole time.

1. Hayate (Tear)
2. Olette
3. Subaru

Hayate gets first dibs, then Olette, then Subaru.
Thanks for participating everyone! /o/;; ]]
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You have got to be kidding me...

[Tear rips down a flyer, scrutinizing it with a mixture of annoyance and disbelief.]

[Flyer reads: "1st Annual Cooking Competition, Date TBA, Sponsored by Cafe Demois, Bring Out Your Best For a Chance to Win Fabulous Prizes Including a Dinner Date Served By Two of Our Fine Waitresses!!"]

[She tears the flyer neatly in half, then looks about for the next one so she can destroy it in the same fashion. They have been tacked up randomly around town.]

((OOC: Demois is pronounced "de moy". It came from my friend saying "cafe de moi" and me trying to make it look cooler. Kabalarians suggests it's a name that's easy-going and refined, and one that attracts people with problems in need of advice or understanding. This is what Fay had suggested to Tear anyway, so I'm going with it. Er... Although it has some negative connotations too, I just wanted a freaking name for Tear's place of employment. If I'm not allowed to do this stuff, tell me now!! Thanks! Also, if anyone is actually interested, I thought we could make a log for it. Doesn't have to be in paragraph form, right? Whatever works.))


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