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W-wuahhh!! Wh-where?? That bright ball is a sun, right? The sky is so big and clear and wonderful! There's no "meyazma" anywhere... It's all clean! And the flowers! There are big ones and small ones and there are so many colors! It hurts my eyes a little, but it is so very pretty!

S-so... this... this is the Outer Lands!! It is the Outer Lands, right? I wanted to know what it was like! This is so amazing!

But... I got here how?

Wahhh... but!! But Van told me not to go to the Outer Lands, and Grandfather did, too! I'm dead! I will be in such big trouble! If they find out they'll toss me into the "meyazma" and I will never be able to join the "Orickles"! I can't let that happen!!

And there is nobody... nobody...

[She cups her small hands around her mouth and calls out in a high-pitched child's voice.]

........Brother? Are you there?

.....Big Brother?!!!!


Where are you? It's too big!! I'm scared! I'm really scared, Van!! Big Brother?! BIG BROTHER!!! VANDESDELCA!!!

[And five-year-old Tear takes off running at full speed in a random direction. If any people are in her way she will plow right into them. Not that it would hurt very much. Moeblobs tend to be soft and harmless, and Tear is definitely both right now. She also sounds like she inhaled helium. She's soft-spoken and squeaky. Only other info I can think of mentioning is that she can use simple healing abilities, but, it would probably be by accident, since she hasn't been taught how to control fonons/use her fon slots yet.]

((From this tier she's keeping 1% on the scene where she uses the seventh fonon on a selenia flower which leads to her promising to join the Oracle Knights "Orickles" to be with Van, 1% on the Qliphoth/Yulia City. The other 3% will be used in the last tier.))

*Edit: switched out most instances of "Niisan" for the English equivalent.

[Hymn #14]

Apr. 10th, 2009 10:51 pm
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I was browsing through some of the reference books in the library and came across a mention of some holiday that is presumably celebrated around this time.

Does anyone have this "Easter" where they come from?
If so, what's it like? I'm curious.

[Hymn #6]

Mar. 14th, 2009 03:19 pm
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[She is currently bundled up under about four or five layers of blankets, shivering like mad.]

Oh, this is just wonderful...
Right when I finally get a job it turns freezing cold outside.

I really don't want to leave the building, but there's not very much to do indoors. Unless I decided to read Renge's manga; I'm not that desperate, however.

I guess I could try setting up a cafe in the apartment building, if anyone would donate some tea or coffee, or if anyone knows how to cook... I don't think I trust myself in the kitchen just yet.

Boss, you don't really expect me to show up wearing a skirt in this weather, do you?

I guess I don't have much of a choice. I need the money.
But are any customers even going to show up? I highly doubt it.


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