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Wh-why do I keep getting forced into strange costumes? This is getting ridiculous...

[Tear takes a few steps down the pathway towards the library and no, her face isn't pink, before something rolls out from under her long denim skirt. She pauses to pick it up and inspect it, shedding a pair of glasses as she does so.]

...a plastic apple? I can see how the sweets might be used to accent Olette's pastries, but this...

[An awkward mish-mash of being both caring and stern, forgiving and unwavering; a costume possessing the normalcy of a teacher (we liked this art off pixiv; idk it looked teachery) seemed the logical choice (or babysitter, or big sister...). It's about 90% more modest than her usual attire, too. Feel free to assume it's a soft pink color as opposed to green, because pink is much cuter. Honestly, I had more flashy ideas, but something plain seemed to fit her personality better.]
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[Private; unhackable]
None of this makes any sense.

Perhaps the issue of hyperresonance can be explained, at least.
From what I remember, the Score is a very important aspect of our society. It's like a prophecy... as long as the Score is followed, you can expect the future written within the Score to be carried out. In fact, the Oracle Knights are the military branch of the Order of Lorelei. Our overall goal is in making sure that the Score is protected and followed, as well as maintaining peace. As for myself, I'm a subordinate to Grand Maestro Mohs, and a member of the Intelligence Division's first platoon. The reason I was sent to the Outer Lands was to locate the Seventh Fonstone on which is written a part of the Score that describes the future of Auldrant. For quite obvious reasons, this Fonstone and others like it are invaluable.

Of course, that wasn't my only reason for going to the Outer Lands... What I had really hoped to do was locate Van and stop him from carrying out his agenda.

In any case, I remembered reading a part of the Score contained on a fragment of the Sixth Fonstone. It mentioned a 'scion of Lorelei's power', and from the description, it sounded like it was talking about Luke. With an organization called the "Order of Lorelei", Lorelei must be very important, and likely related to the Score somehow. I'm not entirely sure what Lorelei is, but if Lorelei's power is related to the seventh fonon, then it might explain why Luke can perform a hyperresonance on his own. Some seventh fonists are Scorers, so the possibility exists... The Score itself seems something like a recording of the planet's history.

But that's not the problem. Why is Asch remembering the same name and background that Luke has? There can't possibly be two Lukes... and Ion even said that Asch the Bloody was a member of a group of individuals known as the God Generals.

I don't understand what's going on.
Apparently I traveled with Luke, but the person that I remember...

...does anyone play chess? I... was just thinking that we used to really enjoy Rika's games, but after she disappeared, everyone quit playing them.

[Hymn #16]

Apr. 18th, 2009 11:24 am
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I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.

It seems that the name of one of the first people I encountered here has disappeared from the apartment listings. I only spoke with him once, but it was Wilhelm that got me thinking about our situation on this island. He compared it to a stage, with each of us representing one of the players, or one of the "props" I think was what he actually called it.

I hope he's doing well, wherever he is. I wonder if the people who vanish really do get to go home? I want to believe it... I want that to be the case... But I don't wish to go back that way, not unless I can guarantee that all my memories are going back with me. I don't want to leave anything behind. I won't leave anything behind.

Maybe he'd be happy to know that the rest of us are still here to complete this play.
For me, though, it seems more like a chess game, since there are obviously at least two sides to the board. I won't give up, and I won't let myself become someone else's pawn.

"Perhaps we can make it to the other side of the board so as to become a piece of our choosing", huh? I have no intention of becoming a queen, but maybe if my role became that of a knight, I could atleast stand up against this island's script., I'm thinking too hard again, aren't I?

And the cherry trees... I was really worried when that man started destroying them all. But the strangest thing happened. They suddenly regenerated as if it was nothing.

Oh well, I'm glad. I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at them, although I find their aroma is a little dizzying in the areas where they're grouped together in large numbers.


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