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[Yes, this one's actually public.]

From Tataroo Valley plans were made to take a coach back to the capital, but things didn't happen accordingly.

For one, the hyperresonance had transported us further than I had originally suspected, and we were no longer in the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, but the Malkuth Empire instead. The capital that the coachman had agreed to drive us to was in actuality Grand Chokmah.

For another, a group of bandits called "The Dark Wings" were being chased across the terrain by a Malkuth land dreadnaught (the same we would later travel on, The Tartarus). During the crossfire, the bandits managed to blow a hole in the Rotelro Bridge, which would have been the fastest return route to Baticul.

Instead of continuing on in the wrong direction, we decided to stop in Engeve, a small hamlet known for its produce. This was where we first met Colonel Jade Curtiss of Malkuth, Fon Master Ion, and Fon Master Guardian Anise Tatlin, who would later accompany us... ... not continuously, but frequently; I can't be sure for how long...

After a particular incident, it was discovered that cheagles were stealing food from the local storehouses. We... ... it was decided that we would investigate the matter further.

[Private; Hackable to Any.]
It's strange to think how one careless mistake can lead to so much. How different would things have been if none of such blunders had ever happened?

((OOC: 2% on coach ride to and time spent in Engeve. 36% total spent. None remaining.))
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[Nathan's "unicorn" comments had at least warranted a look around the stables. Tear had seen plenty of interesting creatures, but the horses and the winged horses (called "pegasi" or singularly a "pegasus") were somewhat new. It was hard not to like creatures that would willingly trot up and take apples or carrots out of the palm of her hand. (Not that she was spoiling them or anything! She'd only brought a handful of apple slices yesterday - and it wasn't as if she could resist; the animals seemed both charming and intelligent.) Apparently they were riding animals; Tear had never ridden any sort of animal before, not even during her training, but the prospect was somewhat intriguing.

This afternoon, however, she was forgoing apple slices and instead waiting around for Guts. Perhaps she'd learn a thing or two about proper riding form by watching him.]

They move as if they haven't a single care in the world.

((OOC: This will use up 1% on Tataroo Valley part deux, leaving 1% left and 34% total used.))
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[Private; hackable to friends.]

((OOC: Response to this lovely conversation. I-I'm sorry! XD))

What a truly detestable person.
It's my job to assist civillians, regardless of how unpleasant they may seem, and yet I've never run into one before that was so... entirely unmanageable. It's as if he behaves that way on purpose. Why would anyone?

Perhaps I need more training.

... [Sigh]

No, I definitely need more training.


April 1.
We never did determine what happened; it leaves me to wonder if it will be the same this time.

Easter's approaching quickly as well. Come to think of it, would anyone mind accompanying me on a shopping trip? Mr. Shinigami showed me an Easter tradition during my first half-year on the island and I'd... like to repeat the procedure if at all possible.

((OOC: The tradition was painting Easter eggs just as an FYI.))
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To be honest, there isn't a great deal to report.

I'm unsure if this will benefit anyone besides myself, but I've managed to remember a fair number of fonic artes recently. In general world terms I suppose that translates to "magic spells". I prefer not to call them that, since there's nothing particularly fantastical about fonic artes (they can be explained, more or less, scientifically), but seeing as there are so many different words for similar concepts, I suppose that will suffice.

[[OOC: I'm so indecisive it's not even funny anymore. 2% on Novice and Mid/High Fonic Artes. 31% used, 1% remaining.]]
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This is pathetic...

[Tear stood, the back of her palm hovering about an inch in front of Luke's door, prepared to knock, but not quite bringing herself to do so.

She had not been having a particularly lovely week. No matter how much she told herself this was all some kind of a trick the island was playing on everyone, she couldn't stop thinking about it. Things would have gone much more smoothly if the memory hadn't been so... happy. Tear wasn't here because of all that, or at least that was what she choose to believe. She felt a little bad for him; he was still her friend after all, and he'd stuck with her since the very beginning - for almost a year now. Valentine's Day didn't have to be over-the-top, did it? Either way, she didn't particularly see anything wrong with gratitude.]

((Anyone who wants to embarrass/interrogate her is free to do so.))
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Am I the only person who's observing a pattern? I think everyone's overreacting. There's no way all of us were involved in matrimony.

[Private; Unhackable.]
This is absurd! The flood of memories seems far too convenient. It's nearly Valentine's Day, and I'm certain the fact that other people are also remembering "being married" is no coincidence at all. It wouldn't make any sense for the island population to be made up almost entirely of couples; most of us don't even come from the same worlds and


Getting worked up over this is foolish, regardless of how convincing it might have been. It's not real. It's not. It's


...there's obviously something wrong with me.

[[OOC: Cue MAJOR awkward. Tear's trying to remain rational about all this, really, but she's kind of horribly failing at it.]]
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[Assume this was written after the snow thread, please. I can happily edit this if anyone else would like to participate.]

Ah... Before I forget: Nall, X. Thank you. I had a good time. Perhaps we can enjoy the weather again sometime.

Well then. Another one of those Earth holidays appears to be coming up soon. Nothing incredibly strange has happened for some time, which leads me to believe that it just might. I could be wrong, however. I hope I am wrong...

At first everything seemed to roughly follow a pattern in regards to "events" and regaining memories, but recently this hasn't been the case. I've also noticed that I've been remembering things at a considerably faster rate than I was months ago. I wonder how much longer...

Regardless, I still have far more questions than I do answers, so I would assume that I haven't made as much progress as I would like to think. Though, I suppose, one can hardly call it "progress" when it requires no effort on our part.

[Filtered from Ari.]

The more I think about it, the less sense any of this makes. What could anyone be gaining by taking memories away from other individuals? Whatever the reason, I can't imagine that the results are turning out to be particularly favorable.

I also have to wonder if the shopkeepers might provide some sort of clue. Getting them to speak, however, might prove easier said than done. They are cats after all.

[Private; unhackable.] )

[OOC: Let's get this chick caught up with remembering stuff that actually happened DURING the game. 2% on all remaining backstory (Major Cantabile, more of Van and his crazy visions of grandeur). 1% on actually breaking into the Fabre mansion. 3% remaining. 27% total.]
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I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone. So, "thank you". I truly appreciate the kindnesses that have been extended to me since my arrival earlier this year.

But that aside, it must have become quite obvious...

[Tear got so much cute stuff for Christmas. She appreciates it, really! But her self-image might be suffering just a little bit right now. ^^; (Old habits die hard.) Also she's never gotten so many gifts from people before. Ever. Culture shock? Very much, yes.]

[Private; Unhackable.]

Fay, Raven, Mokona, and so many others.

I was told that it was foolish to cut myself off from everyone else, and I see now that that would have been a stupid thing to do. Even still, it's hard to accept that I may never see these individuals again. It's entirely possible that when I leave this place, I won't even remember them at all, or anything else that happened while I was here, for that matter.

It's thoughts like these that lead me to understand Van just a little. There were people on Auldrant who clung to the Score and relied on it to do even the most mundane things. They never thought for themselves, but instead allowed others to decide how they should live their lives.

But shouldn't people be allowed to make their own choices?

Even if "Memento" and "Eden" think that they're doing everyone some sort of favor, so many things have been stripped from us. We never decided that.

It's unfortunate that I wasn't able to share this holiday with all of you, but what I regret the most is not being able to say "goodbye".
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[Music can be heard echoing softly against the church's walls and ceiling. The piano in the corner has been dusted and polished. It's currently occupied. Tear's sitting there, her hands moving carefully across the keys and her eyes fixed in concentration at the hymnal propped open in front of her. She's only been practicing with the piano for a few months when she has free time, so the manner in which she's playing is by no means complex. Rather, it's very simple, but at least the notes are right. The words come just as soft, and perhaps a little sad. The actual meaning, something from a religion completely foreign to her, having evaded her understanding, but the feeling is there.]

O little town of Bethlehem,
How still we see thee lie
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
The silent stars go by.
Yet in thy dark streets shineth
The everlasting Light;
The hopes and fears of all the years
Are met in thee tonight.
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I trust that everyone managed to successfully pull through last week's event? I'm sure that you all have taken note of the room changes already, but I'd like to reiterate that I am now in Room 208 and not Room 308. I wouldn't wish for anyone to bother Miss Yomiko needlessly.

In addition, it would seem that some items may have been misplaced during the apartment shuffling. If anyone happens across a small yellow songbird, could you please inform me? I'd appreciate it.
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They say that married couples tend to start acting alike after they have been together for several years and can even finish one another's sentences. Therefore, what does it mean when two people are nearly perfectly matched prior to a formal wedding?

[Sigh.] I fear for the future of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, I really do. They're just children, no matter how you approach the situation...

[Private; unhackable.]
I'm relieved that Luke's mother wasn't stricken with illness too badly as a result of her son's disappearance. Still, I feel somewhat responsible for causing her to worry needlessly. I should have been more careful, and must continue to be so.

Perhaps I was foolish for trying to explain things. I suppose anyone would feel the urge to speak up about what they've learned in a setting like this. The very process of remembering is vexing. Many times I lack context or any sense of chronological order; I can't be sure when these events occurred or if they even hold true at the present time. For now, I suppose I have no option but to wait. Raven was right - my current approach to returning to Auldrant certainly won't benefit anyone.

In any case, I wonder if peace is truly an option between two countries that have been at war for so long.

((OOC: 1% on being arrested taken aboard the Tartarus and lots of dialogue thereafter; 1% on meeting Natalia... that whole lovely scene where Tear gets called a "servant girl" and suffers through a few other insults from various people. Let's just say it didn't go very well. But hey, at least Suzanne was nice. 16% total. 2% left from Halloween.))
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I wonder if that's why I took to waitressing so easily. At the time, I didn't think much of it, but it seemed almost natural, as if I had held a similar job once before.

The customers would often watch me... Does a servant possess the air of a servant? I guess I am rather plain, now that I think of it.

[Private; moderately hackable except for strike-throughs.]
In any case, it would explain a few things. Why else would I remember the layout of Baticul Castle so well? The soaring ceilings of the throne room and entryway... There was a library with a large globe and a stairway leading to the upper shelves of a large bookcase; the walls were lined with family portraits. The princess's room had soft couches, and a silver tea service. There was a teddy bear, too. It was incredibly fancy and expensive-looking... I recall that there was an occasion where one of the maids lost the king's seal. I went looking for it, and a cute cat brought it to me in the library.

...There must be a reasonable explanation.

Even taking all of that into account, I can't imagine why I... even after what happened...

Anyway. I apologize if there's anyone who misses me at Cafe Demois. I recently applied to be one of the town's patrolmen. If something's troubling you, or you witness anything suspicious, please inform one of us. We're here to help, after all.

((OOC: Tear remembers the Proud Maid sidequest and as a result has come to the conclusion that she was actually employed as one of the castle maids. Ouch. Sure the outfit's lovely, and she knows her way around Baticul Castle well enough, but... she didn't ask for this. Last 1% from Oktoberfest spent on the Proud Maid sidequest. If anyone can see game stats, it's her current title. 14% total, 3% remaining from Halloween.))
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[Tear is summarizing what she has discovered via the library about this peculiar Earth holiday. It is likely that she researched Christmas while she was at it. I wiki'd all this.]

"All Hallows' Eve", more popularly known as "Halloween", is a holiday observed predominantly in the Western world on the planet called Earth. It was derived from the Old Irish festival at summer's end, "Samhain", which celebrated the close to the lighter half of the year and the beginning of the darker half.

The ancient Celts believed that on this day, the border between the "Otherworld" and the world of the living became incredibly thin, allowing both passive and violent spirits to travel back and forth between them. The wearing of costumes was said to disguise humans in an attempt to trick the evil spirits into leaving them unharmed. Family spirits were also honored by lighting candles.

The holiday is becoming increasingly secular and commercialized, even though it is believed to have religious origins. It is widely celebrated on October thirty-first, where children dress up in costumes and go from door-to-door uttering the words "Trick or Treat". Children are then either given candy, other food items, or currency, or they can be shooed away in which case they will perform a harmless prank on the home owners. Halloween traditions include burning bonfires, bobbing for apples, haunted houses, costume parties, divination, the telling of... ghost stories, and the aforementioned trick-or-treating. Popular foods include candied apples, candy corn, and a wide variety of manufactured sweets and chocolates.

Symbols such as the jack-o-lantern (a pumpkin or other vegetable with a face carved into it), witches, vampires, werewolves, black cats, scarecrows, and ghosts are common.

...the spirits of the departed is one matter, but...

... ...Ghosts?

I-It's a good thing the island isn't haunted...! There are no ghosts here, so there's no need for me to worry! Right. No ghosts. None. Absolutely not!

...W-well! That's the gist of it. There have been a large number of children hurrying about in costume recently. Perhaps I should try cooking something again, otherwise I have a feeling I'll run out of food to offer them. And besides, that the "island" left us with those bags, no matter how harmless the sweets appear, it still makes me the slightest bit suspicious.

((OOC: I advise you not to spook her. Just warning you.))
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Wh-why do I keep getting forced into strange costumes? This is getting ridiculous...

[Tear takes a few steps down the pathway towards the library and no, her face isn't pink, before something rolls out from under her long denim skirt. She pauses to pick it up and inspect it, shedding a pair of glasses as she does so.]

...a plastic apple? I can see how the sweets might be used to accent Olette's pastries, but this...

[An awkward mish-mash of being both caring and stern, forgiving and unwavering; a costume possessing the normalcy of a teacher (we liked this art off pixiv; idk it looked teachery) seemed the logical choice (or babysitter, or big sister...). It's about 90% more modest than her usual attire, too. Feel free to assume it's a soft pink color as opposed to green, because pink is much cuter. Honestly, I had more flashy ideas, but something plain seemed to fit her personality better.]
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So Misa-Misa was right in the end.

It would seem my family originally came from the Island of Hod. "Grants" is the last name belonging to Governor Teodoro who took us in. Van and I were are apparently the only surviving members of House Fende, which-- No. I feel certain they're known for something, but I can't pinpoint just what that something is.

And also...

[Tear starts doing some math in the margins of her journal, something to do with Ifritday, Lorelei-Decan 1, ND 2001*. It probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense, given Auldrant's unique calendar system, but once she's done, she's got a date circled that actually does - December 2nd**.]

If my calculations are correct, I should be around 16... Well, that's assuming my last memory was recent. I don't think it could have happened terribly long ago, but I can't be completely sure.

[Private; unhackable.]
Was it all revenge for Hod? Perhaps I never understood, and I certainly don't understand it now...
Van, why did you have to go to such extremes?

((OOC: 1% going to what Van has told her about their origins and Hod. Throwing her birthday in, too. 13% total. 1% remaining from Oktoberfest.))

*I have also seen it listed as 2002. I'm not sure which is accurate, as there are a few errors in the calendar anyway. Suffice it to say Tear's calculated that she's somewhere around 16 years old based on what she has remembered, although her actual age is closer to 19 since she's taken from the end of the game.
**Based off this thread.
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[For all technical purposes, Tear has made herself scarce. She is taking the rest of the week off from work and has informed no one about it save the manager. That doesn't mean she's impossible to find, however. Rather predictably she is sitting near her flower garden at the Hakurei Shrine, rolling an apple between her palms that she snagged from breakfast this morning and hasn't taken the first bite of. There's a lot for her to mull over, and she can't do that unless she has some time to herself. Auldrant has never seemed so far away, but she has no idea where to go from here, and she still has so very many unanswered questions.]


[OOC: Cherry's mean, but I need to get some of this heavy crap out of the way at some point. 1% on Absorption Gate, mainly concerned with dialogue; the battle itself; and Van, like all good Disney villains, falling to his "demise". AND THAT VAN SRSLY PLAYS HIS OWN BGM ON THE ORGAN. We'll worry about the other cast members and all the technical Sephiroth (not that Sephiroth) stuff at another time, so assume she doesn't know anything about lowering the land or where the heck all this drama is taking place. That makes 12% with 2% left. She'll go back to work next Monday.]
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[Private; unhackable]
None of this makes any sense.

Perhaps the issue of hyperresonance can be explained, at least.
From what I remember, the Score is a very important aspect of our society. It's like a prophecy... as long as the Score is followed, you can expect the future written within the Score to be carried out. In fact, the Oracle Knights are the military branch of the Order of Lorelei. Our overall goal is in making sure that the Score is protected and followed, as well as maintaining peace. As for myself, I'm a subordinate to Grand Maestro Mohs, and a member of the Intelligence Division's first platoon. The reason I was sent to the Outer Lands was to locate the Seventh Fonstone on which is written a part of the Score that describes the future of Auldrant. For quite obvious reasons, this Fonstone and others like it are invaluable.

Of course, that wasn't my only reason for going to the Outer Lands... What I had really hoped to do was locate Van and stop him from carrying out his agenda.

In any case, I remembered reading a part of the Score contained on a fragment of the Sixth Fonstone. It mentioned a 'scion of Lorelei's power', and from the description, it sounded like it was talking about Luke. With an organization called the "Order of Lorelei", Lorelei must be very important, and likely related to the Score somehow. I'm not entirely sure what Lorelei is, but if Lorelei's power is related to the seventh fonon, then it might explain why Luke can perform a hyperresonance on his own. Some seventh fonists are Scorers, so the possibility exists... The Score itself seems something like a recording of the planet's history.

But that's not the problem. Why is Asch remembering the same name and background that Luke has? There can't possibly be two Lukes... and Ion even said that Asch the Bloody was a member of a group of individuals known as the God Generals.

I don't understand what's going on.
Apparently I traveled with Luke, but the person that I remember...

...does anyone play chess? I... was just thinking that we used to really enjoy Rika's games, but after she disappeared, everyone quit playing them.
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[It's around closing time at Cafe Demois and if any of the remaining customers were taking note, one of the waitresses was not being her usual polite and proper self. Actually, she was being especially quiet. Had she looked anyone in the eye recently or asked if they needed another cup of tea or a coffee? Well, probably not.

In fact, Tear had been scrubbing on the same table for precisely twelve minutes and eighteen seconds. There was the lingering issue of the recent disappearances of several friends to be sure, but there was also
that... Well, at least with a little time, she could only assume the latter would simply go away.

She is obviously preoccupied with her thoughts. The table, on the other hand, is a gleaming piece of work. It probably hasn't been this clean in months, if ever. Interrupt? Yes / No]
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To think that as many as four of us may come from the same world.
I wonder why that is...

[Filtered to Hayate; hackable]
[OOC: Pretend this occurs after her "date" with Hayate, assuming there actually was one before Nagi found out about it.]

Girls in love are a force to be reckoned with, it would seem, especially that "oujo-sama"...

Eh... thank you for that, Hayate. I had a nice time. Well, not particularly, but it was a unique experience no matter how you look at it. Still, I don't think I'd want to be him right now, not after that kind of misunderstanding...

And good luck with Nagi. She seems to be quite fond of you.
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((OOC: Get ready for some major filter abuse and tl;dr. The margins, additionally, are scattered with clusters of notes from her combat trainings and teachings with various people written in a small script which is nearly impossible to read without the aid of a magnifying glass.

There's notes about adjusting her aim, strategies for dealing with enemies attacking from the air, approximations about how long it takes for fonons to gather in one area, and ideas for how to test the limits of hyperresonance. If anyone wants to arpee any of this stuff out, poke me, otherwise I'll just assume it's happened/been happening all along to avoid plot holes. Because they make driving dangerous.))

[Private; unhackable; cut for your convenience.] )

[Private; hackable to friends.]
As for the ceremony or festival...? at the shrine, for Fay's sake I hope it goes well, but I can't help wondering just how wise it is to try to catch the island's attention. Enough strange things take place without trying to coax them out.

And why does everything seem to involve dancing?
Singing I could understand, but dancing... I'm not very good at it.

Fay's planning an event of some kind at the Hakurei Shrine. It'd be nice if everyone could give him support, since he seems to have been working diligently to prepare for it.


[And the last sentence is completed scratched out. Feel free to imagine what it might have said. Or ask, not that you'd get a straight answer. Actually, guess right on the first try and I'll totally bake cookies for you.]


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